Music Muse Monday: Who says: (Whomi Remix) Artist Fink

Music Muse Monday: Who says: (Whomi Remix) Artist Fink



Music Artist

Here’s a little potted history of Fink, from 2006 ‘til today. Some might see it differently, this is how we remember it…

BISCUITS FOR BREAKFAST – I guess this current incarnation of Fink all started when Guy said he was up for playing bass on a few tracks (“So Long” on Biscuits For Breakfast being the first I think) and Tim, over beers at a pub in Hampstead, was persuaded to play drums on a few (his first probably being the title track “Biscuits”). Then Ninja Tune released Biscuits in 2006, the track “Pretty Little Thing” kinda struck a chord out there for some reason. So we toured, and toured and toured, learning and playing, playing and learning… We packed a tent at Lowlands festival in Holland, we sold out La Maroquinerie in Paris and Joe’s Pub in New York City, we played from the USA to Poland and everywhere in-between.

DISTANCE AND TIME – When we were through learning what a soundcheck was, we wrote Distance And Time in 2007. It has some really solid tracks we think: “Blueberry Pancakes”, “If Only” (which opened the doors to me working with John Legend on his Evolver album), and particularly “This Is The Thing”, which got a lot of syncs, and pretty much paid for our learning curve. We kinda turned to Europe big time as the UK was ignoring us a little… Radio 1 was great, and hearing “Blueberry” on Zane’s show was an amazing feeling, but the press didn’t want to know… So we toured Europe and the USA, and loved it, so we toured it again… supporting Camille and Massive Attack, playing huge amphitheatres and everywhere from LA to Cape Town, the Albert Hall to Carnegie Hall… it was awesome…

SORT OF REVOLUTION – We stopped touring Distance and went straight into the studio. Well, I say studio, but we wanted to take it somewhere else… somewhere maybe more intimate…we thought we’d learnt a lot from Andy Barlow, the producer of Distance, and kinda wanted to implement some of it in our own place… so we converted my apartment into a recording studio-cum-storage ground cum- lad pad, and after several visits and threats of fines from Brighton Council, and an official anti-social behaviour notice, we delivered Sort Of Revolution in 2009, the tricky third set. I think it was probably the bassline to the title track that pushed my neighbours over the edge… We loved dub and hadn’t really represented that on previous outings so we nailed “Sort Of Revolution” and “Q&A” – the former gaining us our first KCRW session in LA, the second our first BBC Maida Vale session for Giles Peterson (perhaps the last DJ on Radio 1 we expected to like our stuff). This record saw us really start to play bigger, and after all the TV stuff the fame game was beginning to kick in, which was and still is a little weird… We really did tour the shit out of this album, including a mind-bending China tour, finishing up in Australia with one of our fave gigs ever I think, at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne….

PERFECT DARKNESS – So we took a little hiatus: a bit of writing time, put our lives back together a little bit… During all of the above Timmy wrote a few books (available now on Random House: they’re about bands… lots of famous musos from the 90’s love ‘em). We recorded a couple of Sideshow albums for Aus Music, and I wrote a load of songs for other people. Then we travelled to Los Angeles in November 2010 for a blitzkrieg recording session in Steakhouse studios with Billy Bush. We had 8 tracks written and roughly planned out, plus two to do on the ground once there… y’know, kinda soak up the atmosphere as well as the Mexican junk food… We nailed the whole record from start to finish in 16 days – a feat that I think surprised the producer as much as us… we wanted to nail some hardcore blues (“Wheels”) and some big tracks (“Fear Is Like Fire”) as well as a stringy epic (“Perfect Darkness”). It came out in June 2011, and if we thought we’d toured a lot before, we were in for a surprise… eighteen months practically without let-up, taking us to new places (Oslo, Lisbon, San Diego, Mumbai), and old places but in a totally different way, like Amsterdam, this time playing Queen’s Night with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, where our stuff was scored by Jules Buckley. We released the evidence as a live album, and the whole touring period was captured on yet another live album (Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet), and after a final bash supporting the Stones at Hyde Park, we hung up our touring trousers for a while…

HARD BELIEVER – During our little break, “Warm Shadow” got released as a single after it was featured in the hit TV show The Walking Dead. It’s proved arguably the most popular thing we’ve had out there, and gave us even more evidence that people kinda like the weirder, more experimental side of Fink. So that, coupled with the orchestral experience, showed us the way to go… we met up in a few different locations (London, Amsterdam, LA, Brighton… even when you’re not touring you still feel like touring) and jammed about 20 or 30 new tunes, which got whittled down to 12, which then got whittled down to 8… so we booked another Billy Bush mission to LA, this time Sound Factory studios, full of confidence that we’d nail another couple of bangers in situ. And it worked – we basically had the busiest, hardest, most inspiring, enjoyable and intense 17 days, mainlining the coffee, performing to the mics, layering it up, trying new things out, throwing stuff away and writing new bits… (we even went easy on the Mexican junk food in favour of a few “chopped and tossed” salads)… and to our ears is was sounding pretty damn good… we premiered one of the newies “Shakespeare” on Maz from Communion’s XFM show in Jan 2014… then “Looking Too Closely” and title track “Hard Believer” hit the airwaves a few months later, very gratifyingly played on many radio stations all the way from Berlin to Los Angeles… the album emerged in July so we celebrated by playing 96 gigs across Europe and North America with our friends and musical partners Chris Nicholls (guitar) and Rubeb Hein (piano)… when the tour finished, Fin settled down to make an “alternative version” of the album using some of the more atmospheric sounds on the record, which emerged as Horizontalism in May 2015…

For those who’ve read my Shadow Unit Series, ya’ll know this song was listened to over and over again for Burned In Shadows. Royce, Belinda, and Ronin’s books. Well, here is another version of the song and its AH-MAZ-ING! I’d also like to point out, that I can’t wait to get back to the dynamic trio. I start work on INFERIS in 2018 and can’t wait for everyone to fall in love all over again with this triad. They hold a special spot in my heart! I can’t wait to bring you little sneak peeks into their troubled, yet exciting life! If you read The Black Prince you know that Royce has gotten himself into a bit of pickle! I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do! I love every song that this artist has ever written or played. I am a devout FINK follower! Be sure to look him up, he’s well worth it!

Music Muse Monday: Divenire by Ludovico Einaudi

Music Muse Monday: Divenire by Ludovico Einaudi

Ludovico Einaudi

Ludovico Einaudi


Pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi was born in Turin, November 23, 1955. His mother, also a pianist, would play for him as a young child, planting the seeds for what would become a fruitful, illustrious career. Einaudi studied under Luciano Berio at the Conservatory of Milan, graduating with a diploma in composition. (See Full Bio Here)    

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Music Muse Monday

I played this song over and over again, one afternoon while writing Dire Cravings, and even while writing, Yuri, from 2 Nights with you. I downloaded everything from this composer and was floored. I couldn’t stop listening. I was moved, and elated. Have you ever listened to piece of music that had the hairs on the back of your neck rising? Something that’s given you chills each time you’ve turned it on. His music is powerful, and he’s been added to my list of things I must see before I pass on to my next adventure! I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do. Every single song he’s written that I could get my hands on, has not been a disappointment at all!

Sunday Snippets

Sunday Snippets

Jo Holatte

Jo Holatte

Kick-Ass Author

Look Away, being Jo Holatte’s debut book, is not the first book she has published. Even though she already has a loyal fan-base/following from her humor stories, she has chosen to write under a pen name due to the sensitive nature within some of her memoirs within this book and in future books.
LOOK AWAY by Jo Holatte


Excerpt from the chapter titled,

“A Manvel Ghost Story; Who’s There”


I jump at the noise. Two fists are now beating on the doorway. Back and forth, back and forth, non-stop. I can see my side of the bathroom door moving from the beating it was receiving from the other side. My raging anger keeps me distracted as the door continues to be beat upon from the hallway. I unlock the knob by turning the old skeleton key. The hitting on the wood from the front side is relentless and I am more than ready to unleash my wrath upon one of my roommates.

I open the door just as it jerked toward me from one last hard knock against it. I let go of the doorknob as it swings open toward me. I am expecting to see Joe or Aaron standing two feet in front of me but…

The hallway is empty.

No one is here.

The hallway is empty.

Nobody is here.

Somebody is here.

I heard them.

I felt them banging on the door.

Somebody must be here.

Oh my God…

The razor-sharp silence of the empty house slices its way through me, only to be replaced with the swooshing sound in my ears produced by my heart straining, flopping within my rib cage and pumping harder than it was designed to endure. I clutch at my chest.

I think I’m having a heart attack.

Ice cold air envelops all around me.

It’s on me.

It’s touching me.

I scream.

The kind of scream that could make my throat bleed.




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Anne Conley

Anne Conley

Kick-Ass Author

Anne has written her entire life and has the boxes of angst-filled journals and poetry to prove it. She’s been writing for public consumption for the past several years. Currently, she has four romance series. In Stories of Serendipity, she explores real people living real lives in small-town Texas in a contemporary romance setting. In The Four Winds, she chronicles God’s four closest archangels, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael, falling in love and becoming human. In Pierce Securities, she gives us Ryan, Evan, Miriam, Zack, Quinten, and Simon. Her newest series, Book B!tches, is all about a group of women in Mystic, Texas who get into all sorts of shenanigans. She lives in rural East Texas with her husband and children in her own private oasis, where she prides herself in her complete lack of social skills, choosing instead to live with the people inside her head.Visit her website for more information and sign up for her newsletter:

Power of Love Snippet by Anne Conley.

Nick sauntered over to Linc, slinging a towel over his shoulder. He had just moved into town and bought the bar a year ago, having come up from Austin. It was a nice place, and Linc hoped it stayed nice. Things in this town seemed to tarnish with time.

“Hey, man. Sorry I didn’t come say hi earlier. I’m short-handed and needed to finish setups.” Nick extended a hand, and they shook. Nick was Linc’s only real friend in this town—besides his sister and dad—and all Nick had to do was ask and Linc would do anything for him. That’s how much he appreciated the friendship. Not many people here knew his past and accepted him anyway.

“Not a big deal. I just came by to tell you I finally got a job, and it looks like it’s going to be a good one.”

“Yeah? Big money?” Nick’s eyebrows raised with interest.

“Not really, but it will be enough, and it’s gonna last a while.”

Nick’s smile of congratulations burst into one of glee when he spied the new book. “What in the ever-loving fuck is that on my bar?”

Linc sighed, knowing he was about to get some serious shit. “I was giving her a hard time about being in Samantha’s book group, and she insisted I read this.”

“It’s a ‘she’?” His eyebrows crunched together spoke volumes.

“Yeah.” He spun the dwindling bottle of beer on the bar top, avoiding Nick’s gaze.

“You gonna get to know her?” The question was suggestive, and he actually gave it some thought. Linc wanted to, but it was a purely physical instinct. He didn’t really know Vanessa Power, except she was gorgeous, nice, out of her mind for buying that house, and had given him a job where most of the town wouldn’t.

And she made the itchy feeling go away.

He already knew how she felt when he held her limp body in his arms, feeling her breath against his neck. He knew she smelled like coconuts, even when she hadn’t showered. He knew her sheets were a light green and he knew what her pillow smelled like. He knew she was ridiculously excited to learn how to use the generator, and he knew she was a total badass for sleeping in that creepy-ass house by herself.

The truth was, he’d seen the heat in her eyes as they crawled across his body. He knew she wanted him; it was impossible not to see it. But for how long? They’d hook up, and then she’d realize he’s an ex-con—a killer—and wouldn’t want him, just like everyone else in this fucking town. And he needed this job. Bad. If they were ex-hookups, she’d fire him and find someone else to work for her. Someone else to work on the old Evans place. Someone who might just wreck it all. Again, he had no idea why he cared, but he did. He wanted to be the one to fix that house up. For her.

“Nope. I’m going to work for her. It’s a really long fix-up job on the old Evans place, and I don’t want to fuck anything up. This job’s important, man.”



It’s free until the 11th.  HERE:

Second book in series, Master of Love is .99 for limited time.


Anne Conley

Contemporary Romance Author



Contemporary Romance: Neighborly Complications



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Paranormal Romance: Falling for Heaven


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Saturday Reads: What’s in your E-Reader?

Saturday Reads: What’s in your E-Reader?

Saturday Reads

These are the last four books I read. One isn’t out yet, but you definitely want to pick up, Look Away by Jo Holatte! It’s REAL! #EnoughSaid

Next Up

These are next up on deck for me! Looking forward to both reads. What’s on deck for you?

Look Away

This is a must read! I loved every minute of it… Of course, I had to read it in the daytime!

The Sweet Gum Tree

I really enjoyed this book from beginning to end. Very endearing with all the feel goods! 

Drunk Dial


Dear Bridget, I Want You

Laugh out loud moments, and swoon-worthy romance! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Giveaways and Free Books! Click the images for more!

Late Night: Did You Know

Late Night: Did You Know

It’s late and I’m up researching for a story I have yet to start yet. But when it hits, it hits. I’ve gotten better at putting items in the vault, but only after I grab the piece in my head. Otherwise, I’ll totally forget it. Then I set a reminder for the vault to pop back up in three months. It’s how I decide what new project I want to infuse into my other continuing projects.

Tonight I was interested in Cuneiform.

Did you know, cuneiform is not a language? It’s made up of 600-1000 characters to write words. (Source) History Extra. You can see the full post here. Cuneiform is made of up two languages, Sumerian and Akkadian. I’d always thought it was a language, but it’s not. It’s a writing system. GO FIGURE!




Alphas of Summer Excerpt: Dragon’s Curvy Dilemma

Mychal Daniels

Mychal Daniels


Paranormal, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Romance Writer Creating One Book Boyfriend at a Time

That was the cue Asher needed to break up this tea party. Bounding into the doorway with the metal ball still in one hand, he said in his best, deep voice, “What’s going on in here and who are you?”

The young woman that stood before him wasn’t what he was expecting. She jumped, dropping the dishes onto the counter. First, she was… black. The voice had thrown him a little. Next, she was very attractive in a raw, real, honest, primal kind of way. Wait was that the right thing to think? He was a self-proclaimed feminist and lover of all types of people. Was it wrong to use those words to describe her? She was different, not what he’d expected with how she’d spoken with Brock, that’s all.


His dick twitched to punctuate the conviction of this truth. The sight of the young, beautiful woman had instantly turned him on. Unlike Monique, who was fifteen years older and had always had a sisterly vibe over him; Daryl hit him in the gut with want and need—to have her. And she wasn’t even trying!

Shit—just want he needed, a woman who could make his plans for a quiet summer very difficult if he spent any amount of time with her. Desire to have her was quick to the forefront, pushing reason and logic down and out. He wanted this woman. She was like no one he’d ever been attracted to before. And there was something about the set of her smile and demeanor that said she wouldn’t fall for his charm easily. That was enough for his dragon to stir and press against his skin.

Down boy. 

He had to stay cool and not get sidetracked by lust. In the time it took to take a breath and quick beat to regroup, he scanned her body from head to toe. Natural beauty assailed his senses and completely woke up his dragon. She was perfection. Habit was the only safety that had him guarding against flirting, but it was a challenge.

Asher had been around enough women to know when they had help looking as good as they did. This woman had been under no one’s surgical knife, wore no makeup, and her curly hair was in neat, thick plaits, sort of how a little girl would wear them. As for her pajamas, they were a tank and booty shorts that drove him crazy. They hugged her body in all the right ways. From the fullness of breasts that weighed the front of the tank top sleepwear down to the stretching of the sleepwear boxers that clung to shapely hips and ass for days, to the thick thighs that tapered down into smooth brown toned and well-proportioned legs, she was sexy as fuck.

Instantaneous flashes of those legs tightly wrapped around his hips as he dove into her hot full body rocketed through his mind, sending signals to his dick to advance. It made total sense why his kid was into her. He ached to readjust himself with how fast he’d gotten hard. Instinct had him moving the metal ball to cover his groin area with how his body reacted to hers.

It took less than a minute for her to zone in on the metal ball he held in front of his growing hard on.