Cover Reveal: Dire Cravings

Cover Reveal: Dire Cravings

Olivia Esmerelda Vasques has always been in control—in the boardroom, in the bedroom, and in her life. But when her partner/ex-husband insists she needs a vacation, Olivia is reluctant to give in until the board of directors issues an ultimatum: take a vacation or don’t bother coming back.

So hiking Mt. McKinley it is. Not her idea of fun, especially after she stumbles into something she can’t quite explain and doesn’t really understand. All she knows is that the sexy warrior she meets has promised to keep her safe. The problem is, she doesn’t know if she can survive him.

Bödvar (Blue) Varangian never expected to have his ass handed to him by the saucy firecracker that barrels into him in the woods. Scared out of her mind, and just a bit moody, she’s now his responsibility. However, she doesn’t take kindly to him telling her what to do, even though she’s been thrust into a world of shifters and vampires and is obviously in way over her head. He knows her type, yet he can’t help wanting to tame her.  But his cravings run dark; something he suspects will have her running faster and farther than the threat she currently faces.

Can two people from two different worlds find a way to navigate their journey of friendship, love, and their darkest desires?

Friday Fearless Female: Nerina Simpson (Arctic Wolves Series)

Friday Fearless Female: Nerina Simpson (Arctic Wolves Series)

“The well orchestrated events of this romance keep readers on the edge of their seats and ensure that the readers want to know everything.”

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Reviewer, Arctic Bound

Arctic Wolves Series

Nerina Simpson

When I wrote Nerina Simpson, I knew she couldn’t be vulnerable on the outside. She’s tough. Doesn’t hold her tongue, and is pretty much bad ass. But that isn’t what makes her fearless. What makes her fearless is when faced with death, she comes out of in not once but twice on top of her game. She’s adapted to the changes life threw her way. First, she’s crippled by a fire. Then she finds out that there are things that go bump in the night, and the man she falls for can be a times a total dick. But she preserves, comes through on the other side stronger than ever.

But she also knows when to give up that control, and let her man take over (in some places) not all. She doesn’t get overly consumed, yet, she gets totally undertaken by her feelings for Victor. She’s dealt with injustice, betrayal, and even some bigotry in a way. Especially when it comes to Pack politics. So, yeah, Nerina Simpson is fearless!

We all overcome something. It can be small, or larger, and when you come out on the other side, knowing that you’re better, stronger, and still standing. You better believe your fearless. Now if only we could get the cool ass fangs to go with it right? RIGHT!

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She’s fearless because she doesn’t take crap from anyone, like when Victor was giving her a hard time for being disabled. She always rises to the occasion and accepts things as they are: like when she was burned she didn’t weaken herself, instead she exercised. When she found out Victor was a werewolf she rolled with it. When she changed she accepted every part of her. And instead of running away from her father during the big battle she came back to help the town she cared about. Plus the sexy submission thing. I love Nerina!


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