Music Muse Monday: Gnossiennes: Gnossiennes No. 1-Lent

Music Muse Monday: Gnossiennes: Gnossiennes No. 1-Lent

I hope you all enjoy this weeks music muse. It’s on my playlist for The Black Prince, cover coming soon! black_prince

This comes from the French composer Erik Satie.

Éric Alfred Leslie Satie, who signed his name Erik Satie after 1884, was a French composer and pianist. Satie was a colourful figure in the early 20th century Parisian avant-garde.

But played by Lang Lang a Chinese pianist. Website



Music Muse Monday: Harry Keyworth’s Flux

Music Muse Monday: Harry Keyworth’s Flux

Today’s Music Muse is from Harry Keyworth. I have not been able to find Lyrics for Flux, and I could have listened to the song over and over again. (Which would be no hardship) to try and decipher. But alas, I have writing that needs to get done… But I will provide the music and album cover, and tell you this is an amazing song! It’s been my driving force as I worked on revisions for Until Her. But here is what I do know about this amazing artist.  His voice, man that voice! Hypnotizing! I hope you will give it a listen and enjoy!

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Music Muse Monday: Shades of Golden by Sea Oleena from the Album Shadow

Music Muse Monday: Shades of Golden by Sea Oleena from the Album Shadow

This song is delicate in a way that it’s too perfect and took me under a wave of imagination. I’ sharing it today, because it’s relevant to the project, Author M.L Olson and I are working on. We will be penning the new series under Chelle Eden. No secrets and no surprises there, just to make it easier to market under the one Author name. But back to this amazing song by Sea Oleena. It’s magical. When listening to the song the perfect scene came into picture for a somewhat intimate yet awkward realization if you will for Madison Cape (Madi). I hope you enjoy the music. Close your eyes when you first listen, then open your eyes, and listen again. This time with the lyrics.

Here are the lyrics to the song… Courtesy of  musixmatch


i dreamt again that i still know you well

and a thousand shades of golden, ’round you, fell

and it’s in my eyes, in my eyes, in my eyes

but the window never reaches for the light

and the wind still hasn’t found its place to hide

and it’s no surprise, no surprise, no surprise

and as we spoke, black halos formed around your eyes

i saw the morning as a paler shade of night

and didn’t i say i’d try, i said i’d try, oh i’ll try

but i’ve gazed blank pages far too long to find

and i’m waning, waxless, lord what moon am i

what moon am i, what moon am i, what am I


Music Muse Monday: Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife by Sango Feat SPZKRT from the Album North

Music Muse Monday: Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife by Sango Feat SPZKRT from the Album North

Trying something a little different with Music Muse Monday, and I hope it’s well received. Today’s Muse is for a project that I won’t even get to start until beginning of next year, but its part of the Stories from Beauville Series. Some of you know that next up is India and Rudy. And although this song, is in some ways similar to the end game of their relationship, it’s going to take a lot of those two to get there. But I hope you can at least appreciate the words of the song, as well as the melody itself. It all plays a part in their story, but at the same time, don’t let the words fool you. Sometimes when I write to songs in particular that have to do with my story, it never matches what the songs lyrics say. It the mood and the music itself. The carefully placed notes, that move my pen, or fingers into story mode. What you end up getting at the end, is an eclectic number of songs strung together to help me make the story what I need it to be. (Just want to throw that out there.) I know it sounds weird, but have you ever listened to a song, and actually have seen a story or image appear in your head that has nothing to do with what the artist is actually singing about? No? Well, it happens to me all the damn time. Anyway, here is the album cover and the lyrics are embedded below.

#TidbitTuesday… Once upon a time…..

#TidbitTuesday… Once upon a time…..

Some of you may or may not know that I’m working on a super secret project with M.L Olson, (Chelle Olson). We’re excited, and it’s been quite the journey. This is for our upcoming Dark Fantasy Series. You may be able to guess what our series will entail. You may not. But we’ll be putting out little pieces to the puzzle until the final reveal. Which will be at Coastal Magic 2017. We’d love to know what you think, and be sure to look out for more tidbits, teasers, and announcements every couple of weeks. Happy Reading!

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