Alphas of Summer Excerpt: Dragon’s Curvy Dilemma

Mychal Daniels

Mychal Daniels


Paranormal, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Romance Writer Creating One Book Boyfriend at a Time

That was the cue Asher needed to break up this tea party. Bounding into the doorway with the metal ball still in one hand, he said in his best, deep voice, “What’s going on in here and who are you?”

The young woman that stood before him wasn’t what he was expecting. She jumped, dropping the dishes onto the counter. First, she was… black. The voice had thrown him a little. Next, she was very attractive in a raw, real, honest, primal kind of way. Wait was that the right thing to think? He was a self-proclaimed feminist and lover of all types of people. Was it wrong to use those words to describe her? She was different, not what he’d expected with how she’d spoken with Brock, that’s all.


His dick twitched to punctuate the conviction of this truth. The sight of the young, beautiful woman had instantly turned him on. Unlike Monique, who was fifteen years older and had always had a sisterly vibe over him; Daryl hit him in the gut with want and need—to have her. And she wasn’t even trying!

Shit—just want he needed, a woman who could make his plans for a quiet summer very difficult if he spent any amount of time with her. Desire to have her was quick to the forefront, pushing reason and logic down and out. He wanted this woman. She was like no one he’d ever been attracted to before. And there was something about the set of her smile and demeanor that said she wouldn’t fall for his charm easily. That was enough for his dragon to stir and press against his skin.

Down boy. 

He had to stay cool and not get sidetracked by lust. In the time it took to take a breath and quick beat to regroup, he scanned her body from head to toe. Natural beauty assailed his senses and completely woke up his dragon. She was perfection. Habit was the only safety that had him guarding against flirting, but it was a challenge.

Asher had been around enough women to know when they had help looking as good as they did. This woman had been under no one’s surgical knife, wore no makeup, and her curly hair was in neat, thick plaits, sort of how a little girl would wear them. As for her pajamas, they were a tank and booty shorts that drove him crazy. They hugged her body in all the right ways. From the fullness of breasts that weighed the front of the tank top sleepwear down to the stretching of the sleepwear boxers that clung to shapely hips and ass for days, to the thick thighs that tapered down into smooth brown toned and well-proportioned legs, she was sexy as fuck.

Instantaneous flashes of those legs tightly wrapped around his hips as he dove into her hot full body rocketed through his mind, sending signals to his dick to advance. It made total sense why his kid was into her. He ached to readjust himself with how fast he’d gotten hard. Instinct had him moving the metal ball to cover his groin area with how his body reacted to hers.

It took less than a minute for her to zone in on the metal ball he held in front of his growing hard on.

In the Cover of Night Excerpt

In the Cover of Night Excerpt

Tigris Eden

Tigris Eden


Tigris is a military brat who’s done her fair share of traveling, thanks to her Army father. She’s married to the infamous LL and has three boys. She currently resides in Houston and is actively seeking a book-buddy for the end of the world.
Tigris is a military brat who’s done her fair share of traveling, thanks to her Army father. She’s married to the infamous LL and has three boys. She currently resides in Houston and is actively seeking a book-buddy for the end of the world.


The ride over to Cyrius Eats didn’t take long. As she sat on the passenger side of the SUV, she took in the sights she’d not been able to see under cover of darkness. It was still early, and as the car drove towards the destination, Onessa watched as life in the bayou crawled at a slow pace. Mist clung to the surface of the dark, murky water. A blanket of white hovered over the still depths. Darkened tree trunks rooted to the bottom of the swamp reached as high as their rotting limbs would allow as moss hung on for dear life. Her pulse sped up as she noticed something slicing its way just beneath the surface, displacing the white curtain floating just above. When two eyes appeared, she held in her grasp and turned to face front. The road was empty as they drove along in silence. She’d been going in the right direction, and if it hadn’t been for the wolves, she’d have made it. She’d start by apologizing for her tardiness and tell him she was ready to learn. When they pulled up to the restaurant, Alaric jumped out of the car and opened her door.

“Go in through the door, and head back through the kitchen. The office is the second door on your right. I’ll grab your bags.”

Onessa followed his instructions. When she reached the office, the door was open. There was someone already there. Someone obviously male. His back faced her, and the distinct smell of hard liquor scented the air. When he turned around, her breath left her. She’d been expecting a Gerard Depardieu-looking kind of mentor. Not the Incredible Hunk.

Delia and The Werewolf Excerpt: Jordan K. Rose

Delia and The Werewolf Excerpt: Jordan K. Rose

Jordan K. Rose

Jordan K. Rose


Jordan loves vampires, a good laugh, chocolate, and her dogs. Writing has allowed her to combine all of those elements. She writes paranormal romance, mixing in laughs and vampires while nibbling chocolate as her dogs play under the desk.

One of her favorite performers in the world was Lucille Ball. She loved Lucy so much that when her parents gave her a dog for her third birthday much to her dad’s frustration she named him Lucille Ball. That was the first sign of Jordan’s sense of humor as well as her commitment to the ones she loves!

If you like vampires and slapstick laughs, Eva Prim is your girl. Think I Love Lucy meets Elvira! She’s always up to something– generally, something that doesn’t bode well for her very powerful, very ruthless, very in love with her husband, Stefan. For short, sexy stories that you can read on your lunch break check out the Short Seductions Series, but be sure not to get caught by your boss reading these hot little stories! Check out the Romance In Central City series for standalone novellas that tell the stories of a different heroine and her vampire hero.


Delia and The Werewolf Excerpt

All around Delia vampires, werewolves, and demons mingled with unaware humans. Several booths lining the far walls were packed with laughing groups. On the dance floor bodies jumped and swayed to the music.

No one seemed to notice they took their lives in their hands by associating with this crowd. But Delia knew. She recognized every Other as being different.

The Others all held a certain charisma that no human could maintain and most couldn’t resist. She resisted. Much to his surprise she’d refused him.

He was tempting. Tall, handsome, smart. He was cunning and he didn’t quit. Delia wasn’t sure if that was the part she admired most or if seeing the wild animal deep within his eyes flare at her refusal to sell her land had given her a thrill.

Was it the roughness of his handshake, the hard callouses pressed against her palm, or simply his imposing size?

She smiled to herself at the memory of his surprise when she called him out. She’d heard the stories of the Others. She guessed him a wolf from the moment he strode into her office.

The sheer power of his body. His immediate claim on any space he inhabited. An air about him so charged, so ready to strike he practically growled when he spoke.

She called him out again today, and he hated it.

“Not hiding it very well,” she’d said, knowing she was poking the wolf.

“Not trying.” He leaned over her desk, knuckles pressed into the wood. “A wager.” He leaned close, leaving merely a few inches between them, and inhaled along the side of her face. “Give me one shot to convince you to sell. A little competition. Mano a mano. If I can’t change your mind, I won’t ask again.”

The exhale of his breath against her hair sent a shiver through her body. Delia knew at that moment this would be a dangerous game.

Sitting back to look up at him, she laughed. “You realize you have the upper hand in a hand-to-hand competition. What are you, six-four?”

He grinned. “Six-six. But if you keep smiling at me like that, I won’t be able to think straight. You could come out on top.”

“Fine. What will it be? Arm wrestling? A round in a boxing ring? Maybe a game of chess?” She extended her hand and smiled her most dazzling smile.

His massive hand closed around hers, his smile never fading, and he shook his head. “Drinks. Tonight. Seductions. Eleven-thirty.”

Her mouth dropped open. “What? You said a hand-to-hand competition, not a date.” She released her grasp and tried to withdraw her hand.

He pulled her to her feet and leaned over the desk. His lips brushed her ear. “I did, and it will be. We’ll see who’s got the better hand moves.” His nose trailed over her skin as he inhaled. “Mmm. Don’t be late.”


Tuesday Teaser: Excerpt from Diamond


He was enjoying his attempt at trying to make her uncomfortable. She’d bite.

Diamond“I wanted to work here, in the Quarry.”

He sat forward, his face creeping out of the shadows like a nightmare. Until he smiled. When he smiled, Nadya almost stopped breathing. No one should look so lethal and refined at the same time. He had sophistication and deadly down to a science.

“So you said.” There was sarcasm in his voice.

Nadya made sure to maintain eye contact as she nodded. Males had it stuck in their heads that females were only good for a handful of things. She may be ignorant when it came to intimate relationships, but if you put a knife in her hand, hell, a piece of wood, she could disembowel a man in thirty seconds or less and not even bat an eye.

“All right, tell me why you want to work at the Quarry.” He held up his hands to stop her from speaking. “No, wait, let me guess, you want a patron? Someone to take care of you because you’re lazy and don’t want to work. Or maybe your man died and left you with a brood of brats?”


He thought she was incapable of caring for herself. She wasn’t without means. What she had to offer would take care of her friends. If not for them, this conversation would have gone differently.

“No, nothing like that. I’d like a patron eventually, but I mostly want to work here because my mother is ill and I don’t want my sister going to work at the salt factory.” Technically, they weren’t family, at least not blood, but he didn’t know that.

“Why don’t you work at the salt factory? Then your problem’s solved.”

Was he serious? Smug bastard. Like he had all the fucking answers to life’s problems.

“No, they’d be compounded. I’d get sick like my mother. It may not happen now, or even five or ten years from now, but if I live long enough it’d happen. After I get ill, my sister would end up there. A never-ending cycle of sickness and death.”

“One less family member you’d have to be concerned with. People are lucky if they get five or ten years.”

He was a bastard, Nadya decided. A cold-hearted, beautiful, fucking bastard she wanted to castrate. Use his balls for punching bags, then. Don’t stop now, not while you’re ahead. The darker part of her rationalized all the ways she could end his life. Nadya checked her voice and tried to appeal to what she hoped was a merciful side of Diamond. Instead of doing that, she said, “Do you get some kind perverse pleasure from making people feel uncomfortable? Or are you waiting for me to beg? Why are you so cruel?”

“Because, little girl, everything is not happy and fun. Shit’s real outside, The Ragers are real, death is real. Hope is a false prophet who will only fuck you in the ass without the courtesy of lubrication or a reach around. It will leave you high and dry every single time, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get off with just being broken or the sublime mercy of death. If you stay the current course, well, I can’t be responsible for the fallout. Which is why I’m a cruel, callous bastard. Don’t look to me as if I’m your savior because I’m not. If your ass comes and works for me, I’m going to use everything you got, to get everything I need, and give you the leftovers I don’t want. Got it?”

All too clearly. But it wasn’t going to stop her. Nikka and Anna had taken her in, shown her divine kindness. She would do the same for them. It was either come work for him, or work for Attia.

“Fine, I understand. Now, does that mean I have the job?”

“You still want to work here, girl?” He sounded surprised. Her nerves were frazzled, and trying to keep her anger in check was weighing her down.

“I told you my reasons, either you’re going to accept me or not.”

Diamond looked her up and down, and she knew what he saw. Weakness. That would be his mistake, not hers. She was far from weak. She was strong, resourceful, and once she told him what she had to offer, he wouldn’t refuse. A girl didn’t live in Inwood Hill Park, she survived it. Everyday. She was the first to admit, she was no beauty, but she had one thing to offer most women her age didn’t.

“I don’t think you’re cut out to work here. You can’t fight, what good are you?” Again, his mistake. “Working the Quarry takes gumption. You know what gumption is, girl. It takes brains as well as beauty. You need to be able to work the floor, use what you have to get what I want.”

Well if that were the case, she should be a shoe-in for the brains part because Iland and that other girl were far from smart.

“Yeah, I know what gumption is.” Asshole.

“All right, show me what you got, then. Disrobe.”

Nadya was startled by his request. It was the last thing she’d expected him to ask of her.

“You deaf or something? Take off your fucking clothes. I always see the merchandise before I put it up for sale.”

“So you’re saying I got the job, then?”

“No, I’m saying it’s a try before you buy type of deal.”

Excerpt: A Slow Burn


A Slow Burn .99 cents.


+18 IR Contemp

Short Story 11K

An Amazon Bestseller!


A Slow Burn


“Sheriff Storme.”

He smiled, and I swear my heart beat a little faster at the sight of his dimples. Joey and Treat were talking quietly amongst themselves leaving Jackson and me alone.

“City life too fast for you? My sister told me you’d moved back from New York.”

“Nah, just home for a while, taking a break. Joey didn’t tell me you were the sheriff. The badge looks good on you.”

Hell anything would look good on him, present company included.

He didn’t respond to my comment, just tipped his head forward again. That was one thing I didn’t really care for about southern boys; they were always so damned polite. However, I’d learned a few things while living in New York, and one of my most valuable lessons, was to live in the moment. Snatch it up and run with it, because who knew when opportunity was going to throw you down on a bed, hell the ground at my feet, and give it to me raw and dirty like I knew Jackson could.

“How long are you going to be in Beauville?”


I wasn’t going to beat around the bush. I know when a man wants me.

“On what Annabelle,” my name was like gravel in his mouth. Like he was having a hard time talking to me, or maybe he was annoyed that I hadn’t given him a flat out answer. But damn his voice was darker, the drawl that all southern men came standard with became slower, affecting that place between my thighs I so badly wanted to introduce him to.

“On you sugar.”

I watched as Jackson’s pupils dilated and his nostrils flared. I could flirt with the best of them and not even bat an eyelash. I knew I wanted him. I wanted him something fierce and had for as long as I could remember.

“You taunting me Annabelle?”

He took a step forward making me look up into his heated gaze. This conversation had taken a different kind of turn. I expected Jackson to be shocked, maybe even a little hesitant. But our harmless flirtation had become something altogether different, something sexy. Dare I call it four play?

Normally I needed to be touched, coaxed into the horizontal mambo, but Jackson Storme could make me come in zero to ten, I was one hundred and fifty percent positive we were eye fucking right out in the open for all to see. The man threw off animal magnetism in large doses. Someone needed to bottle his scent, which had somehow over powered my senses, and sell it at top dollar, he was that intoxicating. It was a combination of virile man and hot summer mornings that slowly heated, until finally by mid-afternoon you were dying of thirst, because it was too hot.

“Jackson Storme,” I smiled sweetly using my own southern drawl and said, “I would never-ever think to do such a thing.” I batted my lashes and turned in the direction of Joey and Treat, thinking I could get away. The plan was to have him eating out of my hand by the end of the day. But he only let me make it five steps before grabbing my arm and turning me around to face him. The skin on skin contact had my breath hitching and my eyes widening in apprehension. Maybe I wasn’t ready for Sheriff Jackson Storme. His face was hard as he peered down at me and frown lines began to form around the corners of his mouth as he pulled me closer to whisper into my ear.

“Ms. Macon do have a care in how you tempt me. I’m not like those little boys in the city. You can’t and won’t control me honey.”

Like I wanted to, I didn’t want to control him, hell I was willing to give up the control if he’d turn down the machismo a notch or two.

“No one said anything about control, Sheriff Jackson,” At least I hadn’t said anything about it. My heart was tripping over itself as we stared each other down. His warm breath fanned my face and I knew I was crazy for blatantly licking my suddenly dry lips when we were so close together. I swear I could taste his skin as my tongue swiped my bottom lip. I was in trouble, but at the last moment self-preservation kicked in and I snatched my arm away walking over to Ms. Mildred’s table for her famous pecan pie. My throat was dry and for no good reason, I was scared. Really scared. Not in a way a woman is scared that a man is out to harm her, but in a way that made me realize, if I wasn’t careful, Jackson Storme was going to break my heart. I’d only been home a day and already I was losing my touch on reality. He didn’t want me as his forever kind of girl. He just wanted me because I was the next available piece on his radar.

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