Alphas of Summer: Interview with Cyriaque Ravenueaux

Alphas of Summer: Interview with Cyriaque Ravenueaux


Today was a day where I couldn’t get words onto paper. I decided to switch it up and do some type of writing. That’s when I had the brilliant, or maybe not so brilliant idea to interview my character Cyriaque (Cyr) Ravenueax.  To give you a bit of backstory, Cyr is a recluse who lives in Cajun country. He also happens to be a chef.

He has his reasons, and I’ll think you’ll find with his interview why he’s different. I was lucky that he even agreed to do this interview. Becuase as far as he’s concerned, he thinks enough of his drama was told in, In the Cover of Night (Shameless Plug)

I, of course, had to go to him.  He was busy playing hide-n-seek inside my mind. (Yes I openly admit that I speak to my characters, and yes they do respond)


I arrived on time, Cyr, however did not.

“You’re late.”

“Your point?”

“I have a schedule to keep. Words to write.”

“Not my problem. You wanted the interview, I agreed. I showed up. That’s half the battle right there.”

Insert Eyeroll ——-> Here:


Me: What’s your favorite restaurant?”

Cyr: Really? That’s one of your questions? Next.

Me: I’m being serious and you should play nice and cooperate. We want readers to like you, not hate you for being such a douche bag.

Cyr grumps but answers my question.

Cyr: My favorite restaurant would be Cyrius Eats of course.

It’s the restaurant that he owns of course. I’m not going to push for further information. As I said, I am pressed for time.

Me: What’s your spirit animal?

I can tell he’s getting pissed, and yeah, I threw that one to be funny. Maybe it isn’t as funny as I thought.

Cyr: Your readers do know I’m a shifter right? A panther.

Me: Of course they know. Now tell me, what’s your story?”

This time I get an eye roll.

Cyr: I’m a panther shifter. My family is originally from somewhere that I can’t disclose to you. That’s secret information. I have no siblings. A best friend name Alaric that I sometimes want to murder. I’ve recently agreed to mentor a human student. I’m rethinking that, but it’s too late now. The girl bitched until I finally gave in. And although you think you’ve created me from the dark recesses of your mind, I’ve always existed.


Me: Tell me a joke.

His arms fold across his chest and he leans back in his chair. I’m about to move to my next question, but then he answers.

Cyr:  What exactly is MATH?

Me: What?

Cyr: Mental Abuse To Humans

Me: What would you do if you woke up and found an elephant in your backyard?

Cyr: Metaphorically speaking or literally?

Me: Literally.

Cyr: You’re a strange human. But, I’ll bite. Literally. I’d probably eat it. Becuase I’m only ever in my backyard when I’ve shifted into my panther form.

Me: Have you ever played a sport? If so, which one and what position.

Cyr: Soccer, half back.

Me: Why’d you chose to become a chef?

Cyr: I like to eat. Might as well eat good food.

Me: Why do you think readers will love your story? What won’t they like?

Cyr: I’m a loveable kind of guy. I can be charming and sweet. I know my way around a woman’s body, so there’s that. And well, if they don’t like me, it’s because you made them not like me.

Me: Well, thanks for that interesting interview.

Cyr doesn’t acknowledge me. He stands from his chair and makes his way around me without even a goodbye. I’d like to say my feelings were hurt. But there not. There’s another person who’s been trying to get some me time. And so, it’s time for me to write!

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