Mad Writing on a Wedensday with Misha Elliott #SilveFox #Excerpt

Mad Writing on a Wedensday with Misha Elliott #SilveFox #Excerpt

Silver Fox

Jill and Richard s lives were both irrevocably changed at the age of 17. A chance meeting and long-term friendship lead them into a love affair that is an erotic meld of lust and understanding But age is irrelevant when love enters the heart or is it?



Why do the worst things occur on Mondays? Mondays hate me, I have proof.

Many things go wrong today, a dead car battery, a warning citation from the police due to driving my brother’s car with a busted tail light, a car that makes me feel like a dwarf inside because I had a dead battery.

These situations require patience, and I have none. Again, I haven’t had a cup of coffee yet, because my brother used the last of the coffee beans and didn’t tell me.

I want to throat punch Evan right now.

It’s 6:35 AM which means I have less than ten minutes shop, make it back home by 7:00 AM shower get ready and drive the forty-five-minute commute to make it to the gallery before eight o’clock.

Time is not my friend today so I needed to hurry.

“This is a pleasant surprise,” a deep husky manly voice calls out to me as I leave the store. My heart skips a beat as I recognize the source of that sultry voice, his voice.

If I had to make a list this morning of the last people I ever expected to see at the grocery store before 7 AM, Richard Sisk would have been at the very top my list. My eyes bulge. I stop in my tracks. His large frame swaggers toward me. Some may argue and say he looks cocky. Cockiness is someone thinking they are the shit, but when a man like Richard walks, he has swagger because he is the shit.

I want to lose all control, put my hands all over him, and run my fingers through his hair.

“I see you’re an early riser.” All I need to say is yes. Instead, I give him the highlights from my morning which include a dead car battery and being pulled over by the local police.

I stare intently at this perfect male specimen, memorizing his appearance.

A classic wool-blend twill jacket cuts softly across his shoulder line down the length of his arms. A glimpse of his white shirt peaks out from the folds of his unbuttoned lapel. He gives me a sexy grin, noticing that I’ve been eying him up. Which means he’s been staring at me too. I cough at the realization that this is our first encounter since the bar.

He’s dressed like a million bucks, and I’m clad… in my light Bordeaux colored tank and pant set from Victoria’s Secret, aren’t technically pajamas.

I know the reasons why pajamas shouldn’t be worn in public, but the allure of comfortable sleep clothes, on a Monday morning is strong.

“Please excuse how I look,” Immediately I lift my hands to my hair, silently cringing at how it must look.

“I don’t see anything wrong.” His strong alpha vibe reflects in his tone. My legs turn to jelly. If I were a superhero this man would be my kryptonite.

I have no clue what to say next to this formidable man before me. From his attire I assume he is on his way to somewhere important, but still, want him to continue talking to me. Looking at me.

“What’s in the cup?”

“Hot java, black with cream. Are you an addict as well?”

I pull my bag of beans out for some reason. “Yes, this is my favorite blend. I grind a fresh cup every morning.” I don’t stop there, I go into an explanation of how to keep them fresh. “Most people put them in the refrigerator, but you should never do that. Air, moisture, heat, and light are the coffee bean’s greatest enemy.

“Sounds tedious,” He removes the lid. Blows on the contents, to cool them further then brings the rim up to his lips for a sip.

When people are nervous most tend to speak quickly, for me when nerves are on overdrive I use my hands way too much and way too fast. Talking to him came easy when we were at the bar; now, not so much.

“It’s nothing,” My right hand gestures wildly. One flick of the wrist knocks the coffee out of his hand. I watch in horror as it spills down his pressed white shirt leaving a big wet brown stain.

It is a catastrophe of epic proportions.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry.” My head looks left then right searching for something, but not finding it.

“It’s alright, I keep a spare at the office.”

He heads to the left, I move to the right. Once I’m inside Evan’s car, I pound my fist on the steering wheel. Then press my palms against my face completely mortified.

Monday strikes again.

Music Muse Monday: Flux by Harry Keyworth

Music Muse Monday: Flux by Harry Keyworth

Harry Keyworth

Harry Keyworth

Singer, Songwriter

Harry is a genius when it comes to his music. You don’t want to miss out on this songwriter. His music is all consuming. Don’t miss out. Check out his website here:

Another track from my Dire Cravings playlist. I will let you all in on a little secret. Not every song in my playlist reflects the story. (Just in case you wondered). Anyway, Harry, oh Harry, how you sing your songs…

I’ve been listening to him for a while, and yes, I know that’s only two albums worth, and hopefully one in the making. But what can I say, I’m a die-hard fan. Very few Artist hold that title. Like I can count them on five fingers. So it says something to me when I have Mr. Keyworth in that lot. Take a listen to flux, I listened a lot while writing Dire.

Tuesday’s Treat: Wicked Me by Lindsey Loucks

Tuesday’s Treat: Wicked Me by Lindsey Loucks


He was too dangerous, made me feel too much, as if I were some life-sustaining thing to be worshipped. Wanted. Needed. Craved. – Paige, #WickedMe#KindleUnlimited

Power, corruption, revenge… Falling in love sure is hard.

Nothing will come between book-lover Paige Sullivan and her dream library internship. That includes her new roommate, the panty annihilator known as Sam Cleary. But a man from Paige’s past reappears with a secret agenda and puts everything at risk, including her growing feelings for Sam.

Blackmailed to protect his family, Sam Cleary is in way over his head. But when his childhood crush becomes his new roommate, old feelings are rekindled, even as his family’s secrets begin to unravel

Music Muse Monday: Heartbreak: Sinking by Ta-Ku

Music Muse Monday: Heartbreak: Sinking by Ta-Ku



Multi-disciplinary Artist

Ta-ku is a multi-disciplinary artist from Perth, Australia. Haven risen to prominence as one of the worlds most in-demand beatmakers, he has found himself curator of a rapidly expanding creative empire. This storytelling gene is key. Once reserved as currency for his music, Ta-ku now applies it to a diverse range of passion projects that encompass creative direction, photography, videography, design, business and fashion. Website:   

2nd Music Muse Monday of the Year, and I have to say, that this song right here is amazing. You have to watch the video. This man is trying to save his loved one, and the way he goes about it is stellar. It almost reminds me of Blue and Olivia with all the things they went through. There was some time travel, but not in the sense as this video portrays. But it’s a great song, and it made the Dire Cravings Playlist. I’ll be digging back into edits again this month so that I’m more than ready for release day come Feb 28th!

I hope you enjoy the song and the video would love to know your thoughts!

Wednesday Weekly

Wednesday Weekly

It’s day 3 of the New Year, and I’m actually writing this on Monday. (I can see into the future) The goal is to have completed most of my goals if not all, by midweek. Freeing up time to do other things, like write, binge watch some Netflix. Drink tea, or just read a book.

Sunday, I finished edits on Dire Cravings and was uber excited. I sent ARC’s out on Monday (Today). I set up my calendar for 2018 (The first week anyway) for January.

I did not drink tea, but I’m hoping by the time this posts, I will have.

I did watch two episodes of Dark. Not really binge-watching, but close enough.  Really, I want to focus more on writing more and making each word count. So lets see how this first week of 2018 works out for me.

Does anyone else plan? If so, what’s your biggest goal you want to accomplish this week?

Happy Hump Day!