I did a thing! Plus Preorders!

I did a thing! Plus Preorders!

This is my second attempt at writing this post! No joke, I actually wrote this last night, but then my website went wonky, and gave me the dreaded HTTP 500 White page error, and I was like OH HELL NAH! But it’s fixed now, thanks to the amazing Rene Folsom! I need to get right down to business and let you know what I’ve done.

First, my website needs to have all links to replaced because I took down my books from the distributor and republished them via KDP and Publish Drive. Which also means I lost some reviews. A Slow Burn was one that suffered that blow, but on the flip side, it has a new cover. Let me know what you think! Redeemed In Shadows is another one that lost reviews because out of all of my Shadow Unit series, I had yet to put that into print. I’m working on that now. So please bear with me as I go through this new change.

Second, and more importantly, I have TWO books up for preorder and I’m excited as hell to be bringing them to your e-readers! One is a Shadow Unit Novella featuring the Ferals and their mate Belinda, and the other is an Urban Fairytale featuring Rose, Snow White’s sister.

Rose's Descent

I am the definition of insanity. Doing the same exact effing thing over and over again and expecting shit to change. 

Plagued by visions and voices, Rose knows one thing: she doesn’t want to hurt anyone anymore. So, in a last-ditch effort to hold on to reality, she settles into a psych ward. Unfortunately, those she meets promise her things they don’t exactly deliver, and despite being the girl with the plan, nothing seems to be going her way.

Surrounded by betrayal and lies makes it hard to discern reality from make-believe. With no one to trust but herself, Rose must rely on the one person she’s never been able to…herself. 
Immerse yourself into the fragile mind of Rose Hunter, sister to Snow White. An urban fairytale filled with twists and turns, and with a touch of madness. 
Buylink: books2read.com/RosesDescentUrbanFairytale

The Shadow Unit has been disbanded, and the world as most know it has been thrown into chaos as the Defiant Ones wreak havoc across the Earth. The pieces are starting to fall into place, even as more questions arise. There is change on the wind, and the sighting of an old member. Join Ronin and Belinda as they travel into the Underworld to rescue Royce. 

A Deal is struck…
Royce bargained his soul when he saved Dietrich’s sister, Yewa. He can’t return to the land of the living until his mate and brother come for him. But in the Underworld, everything has a price, and death comes in many forms. 

The race for Royce’s soul has already begun. 

The clock keeps ticking and time keeps moving, but nothing will stop his loved ones from rescuing him. 

Let the games begin.