Drink All of Me

Revenge is best served with carefully crafted moments.

Lee Mi-ja is anything but lucky. Bullied all through school, she feels as if everyone is out to punish her. But when a freak accident offers Mi-ja a chance at a new life, she seizes the opportunity to settle old scores.

With the help of her childhood friend, Parker Gray, Mi-ja starts a new life in a new city with only one goal in mind.

The past has a way of surfacing no matter how deep she tries to bury the memories.
It only takes one chance meeting with Eben Kim to unravel Mi-ja’s carefully crafted plans.
One is seeking absolution, while the other seeks retribution, will two people thrown together in a match of wills navigate their way through life and love or will their secrets keep them apart.

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Revenge is best served with carefully crafted moments.

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