Playlist #3 is now coming at you. In my head, I thought it was going to be in three pieces but it seems I’m wrong. So there will be at least two more posts in the coming weeks that will help me finish off the playlist for New Beginnings. What I’ve added starts at Ta-Ku’s Low Battery and ends with Ta-Ku’s American girl. Every song in between, and before are all amazing in my opinion. If any of you have listened to it, I’d love to know your thoughts. Do any of the songs invoke a memory or feeling? For me, each song has a purpose. As I’ve said before it doesn’t necessarily have to fit the story. But it helps me write. It gets me from point A to point B. In this set up updated songs I’ve added, I’d like to point out there was one song I couldn’t add. That was because I couldn’t find it on Spotify. It’s on Apple Music and that’s Memories of the Day (Joowan Theme song) from I need Romance 3. Yes, it’s a Kdrama, but this song be-spelled me. I listened to this song during my 10-hour flight to Brazil. Non-stop. From beginning to end, and this was back in May of last year, and that’s when I started to reflect on New Beginnings and what it was that India was going to have to go through. I hadn’t written a word down, but the story had started to take shape in my mind, and India and I had a nice listen to.

New Beginnings

I’m sure the dude next to me on the plane was not a happy camper, but I tried to be respectful, and during his sleep time, I turned the sound down just a bit. Yes, I had my headphones on, but you know when it’s dead of night, especially on a plane, it tends to be silent. I did not fall asleep. That is a thing for me, I can’t sleep on planes. EVER. I may doze here and there but I never truly sleep for me. The only time that happens is when the hubs travel with me. I think it’s a level of comfort. LOL. But back to the music, I urge you to try and listen to Memories of the Day on Apple Music.

Another song that sticks out for me in this next segment is American Girl. The beat is impossible to ignore, and the words are potent. It’s just a guy wanting to get to know a girl and vice versa. They have this down to earth feel to them in the way they converse with each other. And the beat is simplistic but still effective. It’s slow, sultry, and engulfs my entire being. You don’t want to miss this jam. It’s a personal favorite of mine. It reminds me a lot of India and how she’s viewed by her love interest. He sees her as down to earth. He sees past her flaws and wants to get to know her regardless of the obstacles put in his way. He wants to protect her, heal, her, and just well, be there for her. Perfect combo in a man right? But he’s not all there either. And there is a female response to this as well, and it’s perfect. The only hint I’ll drop is that her male love interest is different from what she’d normally go for, and I think she’s just as shocked as the rest of the Danvers’ crew is.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great Monday. I hope you will all root for India’s story. I don’t have buy links up yet, because I’m still writing, and because of all that’s going on in the world, my writing has been impacted, and thankfully I’ve been able to write at my own pace for now. Please wait for me, I’m almost at the finish line, and I hope to bring you an amazing story that you’ll hold near and dear to your heart.

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