Here is the timeline for tomorrow’s agenda! We truly hope we see you all there!

Facebook Event: 3-8PM CST 


There will be Author Threads, Introduction Thread, and Contest/Giveaway Thread

Author Threads: 

  1. Look for the Author (s) you wish to interact with. They will have 1 Main Thread where they will be chatting with the readers/fans.  You can chat with one or you can chat with them all, but please stay on the designated Author Thread. This makes it easier for them to maintain and to ensure you as well as they, don’t miss anything. **Will be set up prior to the event**

Introduction Thread:

  1. Introduction Thread: The Intro thread is where the Author (s) will introduce themselves and their books. This will also tell you when an Author has entered the event and you know you can then go to their thread and interact with them

Contest/Giveaway Thread: 

  1. Contest/Giveaway Thread is where you will find all giveaway information as well as if you’re chosen as the winner. (An author may still have something special running on their thread for you to win as well. So, look in both areas!


85$ Raffle Copter Giveaway


Google Hangout Live (On Air) 


There are some key things to remember.

Everyone can not be on the hangout air live…. Only 10 People can be on at any given time so we ask that you allow the Authors to video in so that you can see them. We may not be able to hear you but we can answer your questions. Either by putting you answers out there now (click on the A&Q top right corner of the Youtube Video) or you can ask during the show while we are live and on air!

Two ways to ask a question:  You can either direct your question directly to the Author or ask the collective group. :Example: My question is for Ty Langston.. (Then type your question) or if its for the entire group: My question is for the group (Then Type your question)

You can also enter in for a chance to win a 20$ GC by asking questions prior to the show! Just click on the Q&A button top right corner and ask away! The winner will be chosen based on which question we answer first.