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Book Cover: Dire Cravings
Part of the Arctic Wolves series:

Olivia Esmerelda Vasques has always been in control—in the boardroom, in the bedroom, and in her life. But when her partner/ex-husband insists she needs a vacation, Olivia is reluctant to give in until the board of directors issues an ultimatum: take a vacation or don’t bother coming back.

So hiking Mt. McKinley it is. Not her idea of fun, especially after she stumbles into something she can’t quite explain and doesn’t really understand. All she knows is that the sexy warrior she meets has promised to keep her safe. The problem is, she doesn’t know if she can survive him.

Bödvar (Blue) Varangian never expected to have his ass handed to him by the saucy firecracker that barrels into him in the woods. Scared out of her mind, and just a bit moody, she’s now his responsibility. However, she doesn’t take kindly to him telling her what to do, even though she’s been thrust into a world of shifters and vampires and is obviously in way over her head. He knows her type, yet he can’t help wanting to tame her.  But his cravings run dark; something he suspects will have her running faster and farther than the threat she currently faces.

Can two people from two different worlds find a way to navigate their journey of friendship, love, and their darkest desires?

**PNR, SHIFTERS, HUNTERS, Light BDSM, +18 and over Multicultural/Interracial Romance**

Publisher: Kats Kreative Ideas
Cover Artists:
Reviews:SHABPR on wrote:

When I first found Dire Cravings, it not only sounded good, but I also thought that I had read and enjoyed Tigris Eden before, so I didn’t feel any hesitation in getting this book. But while I do have the first book in the Arctic Wolves series, I realized that I hadn’t actually read Ms. Eden before picking this one up. I can’t say that I’m upset about that though because I completely loved Dire Cravings! It was amazing, interesting, and I’m so glad that I didn’t miss out on this story!

I love both Blue and Olivia, but I love Olivia just a little bit more, so I’ll talk about Blue now. Just because I loved Olivia more doesn’t mean that Blue isn’t just as much of a boss because he is. He’s fierce, powerful, and commanding. Blue’s dominant and demanding but he’s also sweet and patient. It’s not difficult to see that Olivia is his whole world and it was impossible not to love him for that.

Olivia is every bit as fierce, strong, and determined as Blue is. She’s calm, rational, and a bit stubborn, but she knows when to fold. Olivia isn’t someone to stand idly by and even though she knows her mind, she becomes stronger and better by the end of the book. Olivia is just the bomb and I wholeheartedly loved her!

I love reading paranormal and Ms. Eden without a doubt made Dire Cravings her own. It was beyond interesting, exciting, and original. There was never a dull moment, it was full of passion, banter, action, and suspense. It sucked me in and I didn't wanted to stop reading until I was done. Dire Cravings was such a wonderful story and I can’t wait to go back now and read the first book or any new ones that come out!

Dire Cravings is the second book in the Arctic Wolves series, but it can be read as a standalone. It’s told from Blue and Olivia’s POV and they do get a happy ending.

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