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Karin TabkeI write what I know.  Passionate, sexy, hot cops who would take a thousand bullets for the woman they love and never put her harms way.  I married one 3 decades ago, and while he’s no longer prowling the streets for bad guys, he’s still as passionate about protecting the woman he loves with his life.  God help anyone who tries to get between him and his family.

My hero isn’t perfect.  He has many flaws, but his character is consistent.  He stands for what he believes in, never backing away from his principles. Even when it’s not the popular choice.

It’s what I love about my heroes; you always know where they stand and you always know they will not cave to fads or what the wannabe cool kids are doing, because my heroes are the coolest in school.

They have a soft center for their lady loves, an intense protective streak, a sense of humor that sometimes only the heroine gets, but then it’s all about them and to hell with the world, so long as they have each other.

Some women find alphas too hard to handle, this writer loves handling them!  J

How do you prefer your men?




National bestselling, award-winning author Karin Tabke isn’t just another author with steamy stories to tell, but a cop’s wife who has “seen it all and heard it all.” Some of the hottest stories come from behind the blue wall of law enforcement rather than from in front.  Married to a street cop, now a Private Investigator, Karin is intimate with both and proves it with her provocative tales of hot cops.


With that kind of background and sinspiration, is it any wonder that Sylvia Day has Tabke locked and loaded in her ‘must-read’ sights? She absolutely does, here’s the proof: “Tabke’s edgy and delicious tales hold a top spot on my must-read list!” ~ Sylvia Day


So it’s not hard to believe that Bella Andre has declared; “No one writes hot cops better than Karin Tabke.”


RT Book Reviews has chimed in with; “…Tabke masterfully creates sexual tension…”


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A missing stripper sister, the Russian mob, a smoking hot FBI Agent and the enigmatic woman who lies at the center of it all, is as crazy sexy as it gets.


Isadora Fuentes will do anything to find her missing sister, even slip on a bikini and serve drinks at the strip club where her sister worked. But when Andre, the Russian giant who runs the joint, instructs Izzy, aka “Wild Style,” to strip for a federal agent and make a compromising video, Izzy balks…until Andre hints he has information on Izzy’s sister—for the price of the tape.


Special Agent Flynn Ryker is a loner by choice, but when his buddy gets engaged, he shows up at Surf’s Up Strip Club in San Francisco for the bachelor party of a lifetime. What he doesn’t expect is his immediate attraction to a saucy little stripper named Wild Style.  When she attempts to slip him a roofie and videotape him in bed, Flynn has two options: Haul her pretty little ass in and arrest her or go along with the sting and see where it leads…


Working together to solve the disappearance of her half sister, Isadora Fuentes and Special Agent Flynn Ryker may disagree on tactics, but there’s no denying the sizzling chemistry between them. Will the secrets they hide from each other ruin their chance for love?


Whatever they had went beyond sex. He didn’t have to touch her to feel their connection. It thrummed like a live wire around them. When they came together, Jesus, the way she made him feel. Like Superman. He’d never felt anything like it.” ~Flynn Ryker

“Izzy and Flynn share a phenomenal connection, the sexual tension between them virtually vibrates off the pages. Ms. Tabke writes sex scenes that make you feel like a voyeur. In a good way! Whether flirty and slow to build, or fast and needy, they culminate in a knock-your-socks-off crescendo every time….If this were a paperback copy, mine would be dog-eared all over the place and the spine cracked to hell. Once again, Ms. Tabke has written a book I couldn’t put down.” ~ IslandDeb, extreme-delusions.com


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The Truth: By Karin Tabke

The TruthThrilling roller-coaster ride of epic proportions! Why do I say this? Because, that’s what Tabke does, she takes you up, then down, the spins you around… and just when you think you’re out of the cycle… BAM! She takes you through a loop! And what a loop it was!

I love the Chronicles of Katrina… If she would just take out the R, well then I’d have Simon all to myself!

I don’t want to give too much away, but the book starts off right where Double Dare ends, we find out Simon is married… “GASPS” We want to hate Simon, no wait, LOVE Simon. But how can we trust this sexy cop? And that’s exactly what Kat goes through. Can she or can’t she trust Simon? That is the question. To top it off she has to deal with the douche bag who stole her work and now has it out for her….

But of course Simon saves the day, well sort of. Okay, he really does, but seriously the “Shark” lawyer, GAH! My question to Simon is, who haven’t you boned? Because seriously dude its like you dipped into a little bit of this and a lot of that. And it just makes a girl wonder. Hmmmmmmm just who hasn’t been heart broken by this man?

Review & Giveaway Double Dare, by Karin Tabke!

Double Dare (The Chronicles of Katrina #2)

She found passion on a dare but is she willing to risk her heart?
Since The Dare that changed her life, Dr. Katrina Winslow has hooked up, broken up, hooked up again, and run like hell, but her drama’s just getting started. Not only does she lose her job, but unpredictable and sexy-as-hell cop Simon insists they have fantasies left to explore.Simon’s a man who gets what he wants and he’s got Katy in his green-eyed crosshairs. Though Katy runs from him, she’s never further away than his fingertips, something he proves when he sexts her a provocative double dare.Will the prim and proper scientist resist the sexy cop’s thrilling texts? Or will she allow Simon to strip her bare and guide her closer and closer to what she truly desires?Simon Double Dares you to find out…


Double Dare is the follow up to The Dare, where we meet Katrina and Simon. I just want to say that I lurves me some Simon! There was some questions answered in this book, but then we have new questions along with that douche bag Evan and his hag of a wife… Why do I dislike them so much? Well maybe because Tabke does a wonderful job on her characters. If she meant for them to be villains then they are.

My only hiccup with the entire story is that it was too short! I devoured this read in less than two hours.

You definitely want to pick this book up, and hang on tight for the ride that is Double Dare. Everyone needs some Simon in their life…


I enjoyed the second installment of the Chronicles of Katrina…. Simon is so sexy, so just appealing in all ways a man can be. Tabke breathes life into her characters and I wouldn’t want it any other way…. Of course it was left on another cliff hanger, but the good kind. The kind that has you impatiently waiting for the next adventure for this couple! Crazy times, but what a ride!

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