Music Musings

Music Musings

Today was an eye opener for me. I made some decisions and cemented things down.

Music soothes me. Clears my muddy brain and helps me to see things for what they really are.

I had this idea in my head that came to life as I listened to Ludovico Einaudi. I discovered him last night. And I never land on music, I was in the mood for some piano, and he was the answer to my wishes.

I gravitate towards pieces that touch me in multiple ways. I was brought to tears today as I listened to Night. It’s haunting and awe inspiring. I even plotted an entire story. *project* I love when that happens.

So I’ve been listening to him all day, loud and uncaring of who can hear it. Some would call me selfish, but I know my neighbors didn’t mind. None of them were home. LOL

It’s late now, the sound has been turned way down. I have my headphones on and I’m still reeling. I got lots done today, edits, and some pleasure reading. All under his sweet sounds. I feel better, and I know that my decisions made today were good ones. Today was a defining moment in time for me, and yes, it was his music.

That’s how powerful he is. I just wanted to share with everyone how amazing I think he is. My tastes are very eclectic as most know. But have you ever listened to an artist, and EVERY DAMN SONG was brilliant? I’ve only had the pleasure of a few artists doing that for me, and I’m happy to add Ludovico to the list!  I want to share him with you all, and I’d love to know your thoughts if you’re willing to share. If it touches you deep in a place that was a bit cloudy, and opens an expressive moment for you, then I call you my musicmate! Because that is what his music does for me. It reaches deep and tugs on my dark places exposing them to the light.