The Real Werewives of Vampire County

The Real Werewives of Vampire County
Drama. Scandal. Secrets. And a whole lot of supernatural goings-on.

I’m Pureblood Were, And Proud Of It. . .
“Where Darkness Lives” by Alexandra Ivy

No one’s more surprised than Sophia when she’s struck by an unfamiliar maternal urge to move near her daughters. But instead of being greeted by a welcome committee, she’s targeted by kidnappers. . .and saddled with a gorgeous bodyguard on a mission to protect—and seduce. . .

I’m A Tomboy At Heart, But I Want A Man Who Makes Me Feel Like A Real Woman. . .
“Murder on Mysteria Lane” by Angie Fox

When a werewolf trophy wife is found dead in Vampire County, Heather McPhee goes undercover to investigate. Heather’s never been a mascara-and-manicures sort of girl, but she’s willing to learn. Especially with sexy vampire detective Lucien Mead posing as her husband. . .

Who’s Afraid Of The Big, Bad Werewolves? Not Me, That’s For Sure. . .
“What’s Yours is Mine” by Jess Haines

Still Waters is like many other exclusive gated communities—except that it’s home to one of the largest werewolf packs in the state. But Tiffany Winters isn’t frightened of her big, bad new neighbors. In fact, she intends to take her place among the pack. . .

This Is A Town Full Of Secrets. And I Intend To Uncover All Of Them. . .
“Werewolves in Chic Clothing” by Tami Dane

Ever since Christine Price moved in with her fiancé, Jonathan, and his twelve year-old son, she’s worked hard to fit in with a cadre of local women whose lives seem picture-perfect. Except no one in Jon’s upscale neighborhood is quite who they appear to be. Least of all Jon. . .

I requested this book for review. I met Jess Haines at AAD Philly and she kept talking about this book that she wrote with Alexandra Ivy, Angie Fox, and Tami Dane. The title alone grabbed me! All I saw was DRAMA in the paranormal community! ((HOLLA))

In the first story we meet Sophia… Queen Bitch of the Weres… In Where Darkness Lives  Someone is stalking her and when she hires Miami body guard… Luc she is not sure what to think… He’s a distraction to herself and her wolf.. Everyone in the neighborhood could have it out for Sophia.. There is a Nymph and her Cur then the vampire down the block.. Who knows who is trying to kill her… Then again it could be Luc with his killer body and eggs rancheros….  I enjoyed the chemistry between Luc and Sophia and when the sparks fly oh do they fly!  Bodyguards can be very protective of your body, but in devilishly good ways!

In the story Murder on Mysteria Lane Holy chit batman but the Vampire Detective Lucien Mead was hot! And Heather and her tomboyish ways… Its was literally like the movie Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bullock only this chick was a were.. and well she was no walk in the park…  The women of Mysteria lane know there is something strange about Heahter… but the one thing all the women have in common is they are all married to Vampires, and they are all weres of different classes. There is a Tiger, Vulture, and Omega Were. The story itself was great. There was a lot of mystery.. I couldn’t figure out who the bad guy was. There were many suspects and major players in the game, but I still was amazed by the turn of events and the reason for the murder of one of the werewives.  Definitely want to read this story! It was one of my favorites!

In Werewolves in Chic Clothing… This was a great murder mystery possible suicide and all the clues lead you down a trail of who done it… Was it Jonathan in the kitchen with the fishing wire? Or perhaps it was the neighbor next door with the screaming children with a lead pipe?  My second favorite story in this anthology! Christine just moved in with her new fiancé Jonathan and his son. On her first day she gets a visit from the women in this lush community. Things are not what they seem as the women all mention Jonathans late wife,and how they believe Jonathan is the murderer!

Christine doesn’t want to second guess her finance but… they haven’t really known each other long. There is the one fact that he is never home during the day works really long hours and he pops up out of nowhere scaring her in the dark… Could he be the murderer?

There are so many clues that take you on different paths.. but let me say this.. The Murderer will surprise you! I was definitely surprised… This neighborhood is filled a biting dog that doesn’t look like a dog.. Murdered cats at the door step… Yellow eyes in the woods at night.. And a neighbor who plays with really huge dogs at Midnight! And lots of Necking.

What’s yours in Mine was interesting tale of being part of the Inner Crowd. Still Waters is a gated community only it houses one of the largest werewolf packs in their state. Tiffany Winters moves into the community following her divorce. The women of Still Waters wants her to be a part of the pack but before they make their move they have to make sure she is right for them.

I was sometimes confused as I read the stories when going from one point of view to the other.  There were some things that I had to go back and re-read to make sure that  I understood.  Tiffany has secret’s of her own and once I figured out what it was, it sort of made sense. I did understand her motive but the logic behind the motive was just strange. But strange can be good. I did enjoy the ending and how it was kind of like, she got her comeuppance in return.  She wanted to be part of the pack was even willing to black mail them, and in the end she got what she wanted… But not the outcome she was hopping for.

Over all I enjoyed reading this book… It took me a while but that was due to illness. I definitely recommend this book! Alexandra Ivy rocks! I was able to be introduced to three more new Authors which is a bonus for me. I will definitely be looking to read Tami Dane and Angie Fox And Jess Haines books. Actually I have Blood of Eden by Tami Dane now… It comes out in December so look for the review late November!

Be sure to check out all the Authors on Goodreads: Alexandra Ivy : Angie FoxTami DaneJess Haines

Websites:  Jess Haines :  **Couldn’t find a website For Tamie Dane** Alexandra IvyAngie Fox

The Darkest Surrender: Review and Giveaway

Darkest Surrender
The Lords of the Underworld return in this enthralling tale of an immortal warrior determined to win and the beautiful seductress he can’t resist.

Possessed by the demon of Defeat, Strider cannot lose a challenge without suffering unimaginable pain. For him, nothing stands in the way of victory. Until Kaia, an enchanting Harpy, tempts him to the razor’s edge of surrender.

Known among her people as The Disappointment, Kaia must bring home the gold in the Harpy Games or die. Strider is a distraction she can’t afford because he has an agenda of his own – steal first prize, an ancient godly artifact, before the winner can be named. But as the competition heats up, only one prize will matter – the love neither had thought possible…

Mass Market Paperback, 426 pages
Expected publication: September 27th 2011 by HQN
0373775814 (ISBN13: 9780373775811)
The Darkest Surrender
Lords of the Underworld #8
Strider, Kaia
Gena on Goodreads: Gena’s Site

I have to admit I think this is one of my Top 3 Lords of The Underworld Book! I enjoyed reading this book from the first moment I started to read.

Kaia is by far the coolest harpy of them all! But due to a mistake made way way way back in the day she was forever deemed Kaia the Disappointment! (Ghost) She was just a girl who knew what she wanted from a young age. And so what if what she wanted happen to destroy half the harpy population? Okay, maybe that was a big snafu but you gotta give credit where credit is due. Kaia started out her days of just causing issues from the beginning. ( I love troublemakers!)

Kaia who slept with Paris(Yummy) and then when she went back for seconds. She bumps into Strider which is when she firsts really takes notice. Yes, I know Paris wouldn’t have had her a second time and I think Kaia wasn’t really looking to help Paris release but get some satisfaction herself. (SCORE for the Harpy!)

*side note* I would totally do Paris! And I can’t wait till his book drops! Did I mention that he is in my top three Lords! UM HELLS TO THE YEAH!Okay moving on!
First I have to write my official letter to Strider because lets face it! HE IS THE MAN!

Dear Strider!
I read your book! I loved your book! I know your with the Harpy and all and well Consort is such a big word. Don’t you think? I mean that is a forever kind of commitment. And since you house the Demon of Defeat, I swore I wouldn’t use it against you but damn!

Its all about Team Strider! I am totally on your team and well lets just say this…. I Dare you, know not even dare you, but I bet you can’t A) Leave Kaia (she rocks totally but come on you’re a hot commodity) B) Jump ship and just head to Tigris Land for oh about FOREVER! C) Protect me from the backlash of Kaia’s Jealous streak! Did I about cover it all up? Ooh wait double dare challenge I bet you can’t keep me safe from like all harm!

**P.S** I think I covered all basis and there for I am eternally grateful. Also tell your demon he better just sit this one out! This is a dare he doesn’t want to lose!

Cue Back to Review:

Okay I had to go there I know. Lets get back to the story.  So Strider in the last book thought he wanted Haidee to fall for him. Haidee who now belongs to Amun who is the Keeper of Secrets and Haidee who  aided the hunter’s in killing Baden the Keeper of Distrust. 

But Strider’s demon wants Kaia I don’t even think that Strider and his demon realize just how much. Strider takes his demon’s silence as an act of not wanting to compete with Kaia. But that isn’t the case at all.
I don’t want to give to much away of the story so I will give you the summary version.
Our beloved Gwen who is with Sabin pretty much convinces Strider that he has to act as Kaia’s consort so that she is able to stay alive in the Harpy Games. The same game that got Kaia her name as well as keeping all Skyhawk’s out of the Harpy Games due to her little mishap.

Strider accepts defeat and agrees to go. Well I shouldn’t say he accepted defeat but you get the over all picture right? Strider does end up going to the games and at the Ceremony the first prize literally throws him for a loop! (Can’t tell you what the first prize is you have to read it!) Strider wants the first prize at all costs. At all costs! He even *gasps* Kills someone for it!

During the harpy games Strider has to feed Kaia his blood in order to sustain her. Lets just say that is not an uncomfortable feeling for him. At the same time Kaia is dealing with the rejection of her mother as well as her fellow harpies. They all have it out for her and pretty much want to kill her for her past transgression.  She’s got some strange things going on with her body. And not just the Strider notion either!
Of course the two just can’t keep their hands, mouths, and other body parts to themselves and the sparks fly! Literally there is a burning passion neither of them can getaway!

What I enjoyed most about this book was that Strider knew the moment when he fell in love with Kaia, and wasn’t afraid to say it out loud! That was the best part and it didn’t happen at the end of the story either. Which is another SCORE! There is a not so secret marriage we get to hang with the Harpies Gwen, Bianka, Taliyah, and some newbies. We also see Sabin, Lysander, and that Angel we want to know so much about Zacharel.

I think Gena gives a couple of hints to the Angel spin off as the words “Angels” and “War in heaven” were used. That’s all she said really but I can’t wait for that either!

Paris is in Titannia looking for Sienna through out the story and basically is on a Quest to get her back at all costs!

William does a hack number on Gilly’s parents! (SCORE for Team William) and Kane well lets just say that having the Demon of Disaster is just not your everyday walk in the park! His actions are going to be of epic proportion and I can’t wait for his book either! 

All in all you really want to read this book! Like don’t put the book down! Pick it up! So for those of you who have thought about picking it up and wasn’t sure, or just haven’t gotten around to it! I am giving away a copy! And you know I only do that for books I like UBER Love!

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Net Galley Review: Good Girls Don’t

Good Girls Don't
With her long ponytail and sparkling green eyes, Tessa Donovan looks more like the girl next door than a businesswoman – or a heartbreaker. Which may explain why Detective Luke Asher barely notices her when he arrives to investigate a break-in at her family’s brewery. He’s got his own problems – starting with the fact that his partner Simone is pregnant and everyone thinks he’s the father. The last thing he needs is a nice girl like Tessa getting under his skin.
Tessa has her hands full, too. Her brother’s playboy ways may be threatening the business, and the tensions could tear her tight-knit family apart. In fact, the only thing that could unite the Donovan boys is seeing a man come after their “baby” sister. Especially a man like Luke Asher. But Tessa sees past the rumors to the man beneath
HQN Books Release Date Aug 30th 384 Pages (Series Donovan Brewery #1)
Victoria Dahl

I was on a total contemporary romance kick. This book started off really good for me, but then as the story progressed it kind of lost some of its momentum for me. I did finish this book in two days. But there were times when I put the book down and had to come back to it later.

The story opens up with Tessa at the brewery due to a break in. A break in that she at first thinks is caused because of her brother forgetting to lock up. What I did like about this story was that there was a bit of a mystery to solve as the romance happened between Tess and Luke.

There was some tension between Tess and Luke and at first I enjoyed it, but then Luke begins to go back and forth between his sort of kind of friendship with Tess’s brother and then Tess herself.  Tess is seen as a good girl to Luke, and he doesn’t want to ruin her, nor does he want a permanent relationship.

Obviously Tess isn’t as good as everyone thinks she is, which also include her two brothers. They both try and keep Tess and Luke apart but it doesn’t happen. There is even a scene when one of her brother’s come over while Luke is there. I totally wanted the brother and Luke to kind of go at each other, but that didn’t happen. Tess took the stance and basically told her brother he can shove it.

There was a lesson to the story. Tess hides the truth from her older brother Eric, she doesn’t want him to know that Jaime slept with the daughter of the man he was trying to strike of a deal with in order to expand the family business.  She was basically running around most of the story with this huge guilt on her shoulders, while trying to fix the disaster that her brother Jaime caused. Luke on the other hand has to deal with rumors of him getting his partner knocked up and trying to juggle that and a relationship with Tess can be very hard.

I did like Luke’s character for the most part he wasn’t alpha he was more of a beta.  He cared for his partner that was pregnant and constantly tried to help her. She wouldn’t tell him who the babies father was and so when the town started to think it was him, he never actually denied or said yes to the fact.  Of course there was also the rumor how Luke left his dying wife basically to die.

There were some interesting twists to the story. The plot was well thought out as well, I don’t know if I chose the wrong time to read the book, because I am a mood reader, but I gave the book a three on goodreads.  Trust me it wasn’t bad at all, there were some parts that made me actually laugh out loud. It just wasn’t the book for me at the time.

Oooh almost forgot to mention the most important part! SMEX SCENE! There were some hot ones and some vanilla ones, but they got the job done and it was loverly!

Review: Dark Taste of Rapture & Giveaway

Dark Taste of Rapture
New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter captivates with a dark, tantalizing world of humans, otherworlders, and a powerful AIR agent consumed by his desire for a woman he can never have. . . .

With one caress, he can give unforgettable pleasure . . . or unending pain. . . .

Hector Dean is shaved, tattooed, and totally ripped—and he has a deadly secret. He is a walking weapon, capable of killing with a single brush of his fingertips. Little wonder he’s determined to remain on his own. But Noelle Tremain is a temptation like no other. She is beautiful and rich, with a party girl smile that hides a shocking vulnerability, and from the beginning his sizzling attraction to her is undeniable. For the first time, his stone-cold resistance is tested. But to be with her, he risks destroying her.

When a wealthy businessman is murdered in New Chicago’s seediest district, the two are partnered, and there’s no escaping what they both want: each other. Yet neither Hector nor Noelle knows what to fear more—the killer case, or their own lethal desires. . . .
This is the 6th book in the Alien Huntress Series and I must say I am a big McKell Fan like totally I love Mckell. But OMG Hector Dean is the biznaz! Noelle and Ava for the first half of the book stole the show for me and I absolutely loved the banter!
The book takes you to the beginning when the girls first start camp to become trained AIR Agents. Noelle is part of the Tremain family and is a huge disappointment to her family as she is always getting into trouble.
When she sees Hector for the first time sparks fly. She wants his approval and doesn’t really understand why, because the only person’s oppion that has ever mattered was Ava’s. But through most of their training she finds herself pushing her self harder in order to gain his approval.
Hector on the other hand see’s Noelle as a distraction a major distraction and he wants nothing more than for her to fail. Not to mention he has a secret that no one knows about. He’s arms have a very intense atomized heat that will literally incinerate anyone or thing that comes in contact. 
But even scarier are the things of his past. I don’t want to give a lot of this book away but lets just say Hector comes from a very dark place. Not of his own doing but of his parents.  Noelle on the other hand can’t feel pain. Her father had her genetically altered due to her being kidnapped when she was young.
Now can you see how these two people can be a perfect match? I was amazed at how Gena put these two together and still made the relationship work.  The tension between the two were literally combustible.
There is a lot going on underneath both character’s personas. Hector having to deal with the fact that he can’t truly touch or get close to people. Noelle having to deal with finding her own self once Ava up and marries the sexy vampire McKell.
The two end up being put on the same case, and although Hector tried to derailed her a couple of times the two finally found their niche and worked it out. Dallas was a big part of this story as well, because of his visions he too was just as tortured as these two were.  His vision of him sleeping with Noelle and then her sleeping with Hector. It tore at him made him just miserable for most of the story. I can’t wait to see what happens to Dallas. For some reason I always think he is going to end up with the Schon Queen. I guess only time will tell.
All of Gena’s character’s end up with happy endings and Ava becomes a vampire! (Lucky Bitch) She gets to spend her everlasting life with the Hot Mckell. I know I know this is Hector and Noelle’s book but damn I love me some McKell.
Hector and Noelle really had to go through some pain in order to get to each other but in the end it was all worth it. My favorite part of the story is when Noelle distracts Hector with her boobs and then knocks the shit out him. He falls flat on his ass! That will have you laughing for days!
I gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads and it gets 5 stiletto’s on here. Now you know when I truly love a book I have to do a giveaway!
So one lucky reader will get a copy of this book. Just leave a comment and be a follower of the blog and its yours!

Net Galley Review: The Game of Love by Jeanette Murray

The Game of Love
Chris St. James is ready for normal. After walking away from her pro tennis career and a toxic relationship with a star hockey player, she’s starting a new life as a teacher and tennis coach in a small town. Now all she needs is an average guy to share it with.
Brett Wallace is no average guy. Forced to retire from the NFL after an injury—and suddenly single after being dumped by his status-conscious wife—he’s returned to his hometown to coach the varsity football team. Wary of women interested only in his celebrity, Brett finds Chris’s indifference to his former career refreshing.
The last thing Chris needs is to get involved with another pro athlete, but she can’t deny the sparks that fly between them. So she agrees to a purely physical, no-strings-attached affair. But the rules of the game change when she falls for him…

Lets start the book with the yummy cover… There are two and I will show you the second one here in just a bit. Understand they are both interesting but there is one I like more. It’s the way he’s standing holding the football and his pose is sure. He’s confident and he knows he can get what he wants when he wants.  Is it the cover above? Hmmmm Nope! Didn’t like this cover but this next one that I found on Goodreads! HAWT!
The Game of Love

Now which one do you like best? A(above) or B(below) I have to go with B! But isn’t it sometimes that cover that draws you in! I know I am a total cover whore myself.  The Game of Love Comes out August 29th from Carina Press. Its an E-book and is 85,000K. Lately I have been on a contemporary read kick and so for that reason alone I choose this book. I also liked the name of the heroine Christina St. James. Doesn’t it have a ring to it?

Okay lets gets down to the nitty gritty of the book.
I liked this book, it had its moments of funny, sad, and just Oh my god he did not just say that. I was a bit leery in the beginning only because High school Football Coach vs. The High school Tennis Coach. I didn’t think it could work.
An unlikely situation puts two people together that would otherwise not have interacted with one another, at a closer glance.
They both played professional sports, Brett Pro Football and Chris Pro Tennis. She didn’t want her pro-status to be out in the open, where as the entire town knew of Brett’s status and at times I think he used that as a way to justify his behavior. There is a termed he labeled women due to a failed married. “Proho” Which I thought was funny but called appropriately. In that there are those types of real life situations.  Brett didn’t want to be taken advantage of and I think with Chris ignoring him so hard in the beginning that is what set the sparks flying. She wasn’t what he was use to. 
For Chris it was the opposite. Brett was exactly how she pictured an ex-pro athlete as his mouth continued to get him into trouble. For the longest time as I was reading I thought the two were never going to catch a break.  They were constantly at odds, then there was just a moment where the two let their guard down and the relationship was able to grow. 
There was Chris ex-boyfriend and professional Hockey player Dax that almost accomplished what he set out to do. He was the poster boy for JERK! Brett’s interaction with his family was close knit where as Chris was alienated by her parents as they wanted her to be in the spot light. They didn’t approve of her teaching High School Tennis. Her best friend Katie was married to Brett’s best friend Jared. I’m not sure if there is a story prior to Chris and Brett’s, but those two were a couple that played an integral part in Chris and Brett’s relationship.
There was some sexual tension in the book, and the sex scene’s although not intense were romantic. There are even a very funny moment where Brett’s brother meets Chris in a not so hot moment. The chemistry between the two couple’s were good, there were some very funny moments and some very intense moments.
The plot was good, slow at first but once you got through both the character’s barriers it was easy reading. I gave this book three stars on GoodReads.  So it will get Three Stiletto’s here. 

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