Happy Release Day & Guest Post from author, Sylvain Reynard English & Spanish version

Happy Release Day & Guest Post from author, Sylvain Reynard English & Spanish version

Thank you Tigris for inviting me to visit your blog. It’s a pleasure to be with you and your readers.


Justice. Revenge.

 The line between the two is often blurred. Sometimes on the road to justice we find ourselves veering into revenge and we end up taking steps we regret.

 In my novel, “The Raven,” the heroine refuses to identify herself as a victim, even though she carries the marks of violence on her body. She gave up her hope for justice years ago.

 Her lover, William, won’t let it go.  He’s a supernatural being and he has the power to right all the wrongs that have ever been done to her…

 Here is an excerpt from “The Raven”:

  “I will give you justice.” William’s tone grew frightening.

 “Justice?” Raven looked up into his resolute gray eyes.

 “You said no one defended you. I will.” 

 She sighed. “It’s too late.”

 He rolled her to her back and leaned over her. “It’s never too late for justice.  I will deal with everyone who ever harmed you. All you need to do is name them.”

 “It won’t change the past.”

He placed his hand on her cheek. “It will stop the torment.”

 “Your justice involves death.”

 “I don’t see why a death sentence is problematic.”

 “I don’t want you to kill anyone. Do you hear me?”  She rolled away from him, exasperated. “Don’t you get tired of death?”


 William’s idea of justice is very much at odds with Raven’s ideas. As his pursuit of justice edges into revenge, in the sequel “The Shadow,” Raven is faced with the dilemma of helping him or stopping him. What will she choose? And what will William do?

 The series comes to a close December 6th with the release of the final book
“The Roman.” For me, this was the most challenging novel to write but also the most rewarding. In it, I continue to explore the themes of justice, revenge, love, and redemption and I hope that readers enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

 “The Roman” is available in bookstores across North America, and around the world from vendors such as iBooks, Amazon, The Book Depository, FNAC, Barnes and Noble and KOBO.


I wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday season and a blessed 2017. Thank you for reading,





Entrada de blog de Sylvain Reynard para Tigris Eden


Gracias por invitarme a escribir para tu blog, Tigris. Es un placer estar contigo y con tus lectores.

Justicia. Venganza.


La línea entre ambas por lo regular es confusa. En ocasiones, nos desviamos hacia la venganza en nuestro camino a la justicia, y terminamos tomando decisiones que luego lamentamos.


En mi novela, “La Alondra,” la heroína se rehúsa a verse a sí misma como víctima, aun cuando en su cuerpo lleva marcada la violencia. Ella perdió la esperanza por la justicia hace muchos años atrás.


Su amante, William, no quiere quedarse de manos cruzadas. El es un ser sobrenatural y tiene el poder de corregir todas injusticias de las que ella ha sido víctima.


He aquí un pasaje de “La Alondra.”


 Pero, sobre todo, quiero ofrecerte justicia.

 — ¿Justicia?

 —Has dicho que nadie te defendió. Yo lo haré.  —Su tono de voz era cada vez más amenazador.

 —Es demasiado tarde.

William la tumbó de espaldas en la cama y se inclinó sobre ella. —Nunca es demasiado tarde para la justicia.

Raven apartó la mirada.

—Me ocuparé de todos los que te hicieron daño. Sólo tienes que pronunciar sus nombres.

—Eso no cambiará el pasado.

William le apoyó la mano en la mejilla. —Servirá para que dejes de torturarte.

 —Tu concepto de justicia implica la muerte.

—No veo por qué una sentencia de muerte para tu madre y tu padrastro te parece problemática. —No quiero que mates a mi madre. ¿Me oyes?

 —Se apartó de él dando vueltas, exasperada—. ¿No te hartas de tanta muerte?




El concepto de justicia de William no va a la par con las ideas de Raven. Su búsqueda de justicia está justo al borde de la venganza. En la secuela, “The Shadow,” Raven se enfrenta al dilema de ayudarlo o detenerlo. ¿Qué escogerá ella? ¿Qué decidirá William?


La serie concluye el 6 de diciembre con la publicación del último libro, “The Roman.” Para mí, ésta ha sido la novela más desafiante que he escrito, pero también la más gratificante. Continúo explorando en ella los temas de la justicia, la venganza, el amor y la redención, y espero que los lectores disfruten de su lectura tanto como yo disfruté escribiéndola.


“The Roman” está disponible en todas las librerías a través de Norte América y en plataformas de venta alrededor del mundo como iBooks, Amazon, Book Depository, FNAC y KOBO.


Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Roman-Florentine-Book-4-ebook/dp/B01LZ30H8M/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1480898750&sr=1-1&keywords=the+roman+sylvain+reynard


Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/the+roman+sylvain+reynard?_requestid=963344


Book Depository: http://www.bookdepository.com/The-Roman-Sylvain-Reynard/9781682306765?ref=grid-view



Les deseo a todos una feliz temporada de fiestas llena de mucha salud y un bendecido año 2017. Gracias por leer,




Friday Fearless Female: Guest Post Sylvain Reynard

Friday Fearless Female: Guest Post Sylvain Reynard

It’s an honour to write about my favourite fearless female character. Thank you Tigris for the kind invitation.

 What makes a person fearless?  

 Some individuals are fearless because they have nothing to lose; others are fearless because they believe so strongly in something, they are willing to risk everything for it.

 The Raven by Sylvain ReynardRaven Wood, the heroine of my Florentine Series, works at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence restoring famous paintings.  She is fearless because of her belief in justice and compassion, as well as her conviction that a good person can’t witness a crime without getting involved. 

 Here is a scene from the first chapter of “The Raven”:

  “Angelo was a homeless man who spent his days and nights begging for coins. Raven passed him on her way to and from the Uffizi. She always stopped to greet him and give him money or some food. She felt a kinship with him since they both walked with a cane. Angelo was developmentally disabled, which only increased her compassion.

 As she walked, her gaze traveled from Angelo to the drunken gang and back again. A terrible feeling of dread passed over her.

 “Good evening, friends!” Angelo’s Italian pierced the rainy darkness. “A few coins, please.”

The cheerful hope in his voice caused Raven’s stomach to churn. She knew the cruel fate of hope when it was misdirected.

 She began limping faster, her eyes fixed on her friend, willing herself not to trip and fall. She was almost to the bridge when she saw Angelo lifting his hands and crying out.  

 The largest man was urinating on him. Angelo tried to move away, but the man followed.  The other men cheered.

 Raven felt shouts of protest bubble up in her throat. But she didn’t open her mouth.

 She should intervene. She knew it. Evil flourished when good people walked by and said nothing.

 The largest man finished urinating with a flourish, returning himself to the confines of his jeans. Without warning, he lifted a booted foot and kicked Angelo in the ribs. He cried out in pain slumping to the ground.


 The men stopped and stared in Raven’s direction.

 “Stop,” she repeated in a much quieter tone.

 The men exchanged glances and the largest one said something derisive to his companions. He stalked in her direction.

 As he approached, Raven could see he was broad shouldered and tall, his head shaven, his eyes dark. She resisted the urge to retreat.

 “Go.” The man waved at her dismissively.

 Raven’s green eyes darted behind him to where the homeless man was lying, curled into a ball.

 “Let me help him. He’s bleeding.”

 The bald man looked over his shoulder to his companions. As if in defiance, one of them kicked Angelo in the stomach. 

 With a predatory smile, the bald man turned back to Raven. He pointed in the direction from which she’d approached.

 “Run,” he hissed…

 As you can see in this scene, Raven isn’t entirely fearless. She has a healthy sense of danger and realizes that by coming to the homeless man’s defense, she is putting herself at risk. She is walking home, alone, and the streets of Florence are almost empty.  Her personal risk is even greater given the fact she is physically disabled and walks with a cane. 

 But her belief in the homeless man’s dignity and his right to live without intimidation or abuse trumps her concern for herself. Her commitment to justice and compassion makes her set aside her fear.

 Raven’s decision to intervene on the homeless man’s behalf has consequences. I won’t spoil the story by telling you what they are, but I can reveal that there are both positive and negative consequences. One of the most positive consequences is that because of her actions she meets her soul mate, William, grows to love her deeply, especially because of her fierce and protective nature.

Later in the novel, William asks Raven why she risked her safety and even her life to defend the homeless man. 

 Raven replied that she couldn’t stand there and do nothing. By this she means that she couldn’t live with herself if she walked away from the homeless man’s suffering.

 It’s this realization that makes Raven fearless – not her physical strength, or her power, or her situation. Her convictions and her courage motivated her to do what is right, despite the risk. 

 I admire her character very much and enjoyed writing her. Readers in the Spanish speaking community have started a #YoSoyRaven campaign to express their solidarity with her and her bravery.

 Raven’s story, which is told in “The Raven” and “The Shadow, comes to a conclusion with the final book of The Florentine Series, “The Roman,” which releases December 6th.

 Thank you for reading.


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