Tuesday’s Treats: #Diamond #5Vices #Read 1-5 #FREE

Tuesday’s Treats: #Diamond #5Vices #Read 1-5 #FREE

If you like kickA$$ Females, don’t miss out on reading the first in my new series, Diamond: Beyond the Red Door. Book 1 in my V Vices Series.

Beyond the Red Door, everything has a pice, but you can read Diamond’s first 5 Chapters for FREE!

Beyond the Red Door, everything has a price.

On an Earth nearly destroyed by a comet, chaos reigns and monsters roam. Only one woman may have found a way through the terror, to justice and peace. But in her way stands the man who rules as Sovereign.

Eons ago, the comet Biel passed through Earth’s atmosphere, depositing Travelers and leaving behind remnants that drastically altered the planet and its inhabitants.

The last humans cling to life in the ruins of Earth’s major cities, each day a struggle to survive in a desolate wasteland with dangers beyond comprehension.Technology is scarce, and what little remains comes from the very thing that almost destroyed them.

The fallout from the comet has disfigured humans and twisted minds, turning them into savage monsters that roam the streets, threatening the innocent.

Amid the chaos, one man stands as Sovereign, ruling the market on technology and trade. To Lavarious Diamond, everything is for sale or barter. And he is the man with whom one beautiful woman must bargain… using her own body.

Only with his help can she battle her way through the web of secrets and lost memories which surround her. But Diamond isn’t the only being who wants to use her. There are others… and they may be even more dangerous.

Don’t miss this dark, exciting dystopian adventure-get your copy of Diamond today!


Diamond: Book 1 in my V Vices Series

Diamond: Book 1 in my V Vices Series

Diamond is the first book in my Post Apocalyptic Dystopian, V Vice Series. This was a different experience for me, but I’m happy to say I enjoyed every minute of writing this book, and all the love me and my editor put into this book. I’m looking forward to working on book two in the series. Title to be named at a later date as I’m playing with some things in my head right now. But below is what some reviewers are saying about my new series. I hope you’ll give Diamond a chance, and take a walk on the darker side of things.

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The first book in a new series by Author Tigris Eden. Beyond the Red Door, everything has a price.

Eons ago, the comet Biel passed through Earth’s atmosphere, depositing Travelers and leaving behind remnants that drastically altered the planet and its inhabitants. Hundreds of years later, mutation and evolution have left behind a desolate wasteland and dangers beyond comprehension.

The last remnants of the human race are clinging to life, living in the ruins of Earth’s major cities and struggling to survive. Technology is scarce, and what little remains comes from the very thing that almost destroyed them. Monsters roam the streets, and fear and duplicity rule.

The fallout from the comet has mutation spreading, disfiguring men and twisting their minds, turning them into carnivores and savages that threaten the city and its people. Amidst the chaos, one man rules as Sovereign and corners the market on both technology and trade. To Lavarious Diamond, everything is for sale or trade. The only question is how much it’s worth.

When a mysterious woman comes to the Quarry and promises a huge payday, Diamond’s tidy life is shaken up, and he finds himself uncharacteristically helping her. Along the way, secrets and deceit abound. When the truth comes out, nothing and nobody will ever be the same.

My first book from this author and most certainly not my last. There are a lot of books available that claim to be dystopian with dark undertones but this book just knocked me for six! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but whatever it was it most certainly wasn’t this. I read the synopsis and thought alrighty then futuristic sci fi with a mysterious heroine and the stereo typical alpha male. Can I state here and now that this book seems to have a life of its own and if it’s a romance you seek then perhaps you will scream but if you want to get knocked on your ( no doubt) shapely behind then this book deserves to be read!
A harsh society where anything is possible and everything has a price. Into this awful setting comes Nadya a woman with secrets and unfortunately they are even kept from her! Her personal goal is to secure safety for those she cares for and to do that there’s nothing that Nadya won’t do. Getting inside the red door is just the start though as there may be monsters outside but there’s also treachery and danger within . Gaining the attention of Lavarious Diamond is just the start as Nadya is about to crash through so many barriers on this journey that turns out to be revelationary !

Marta Cox


I feel like if I just write WOW!, that will cover the review, yet I know I need to provide more than one word.

Let’s begin with the official stuff, I was provided a copy of Diamond in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley.  the cover drew me in; I mean seriously; this has to be one of the best covers I’ve seen in a long time. Once I read the book, it ultimately NAILED the female protagonist, Nadya.
I have been drawn to post-apocalyptic stories for a while and read so many.  This is a world where every breath is a fight, water is scarce, and food… Well, what do people do when food runs low?  It’s savage, raw, and depicts a nightmare world.  The imagery was brutal yet so realistic; I was thankful for my fresh glass of water.

Nothing in this story went how I thought.  NOTHING.

Diamond, at one point, was probably an honorable man; yet through this hard life and choices he has made, and the power he has, he’s become a tyrant.  What’s the saying? “Ultimate power corrupts ultimately.”  Yes, I think that sums up Diamond.

“I’m going to use everything you got, to get everything I need, and give you the leftovers I don’t want.”

He is a bastard in the biggest way and only cares about himself; yet, when Nadya is introduced into his world, he starts to thaw that frozen heart, in little bits, I mean by 1/16.  Nadya also blows his world apart, and shows Diamond his isn’t in such a position of ultimate power as he thought.  This realization is a brutal blow to this megalomaniac, and this is where things really start to turn; I was given a big WTF and I realized the story wasn’t going to be anything I thought.  Oh no, it’s wasn’t.  Eden warned us in the preface, but oh holy hell!  I’m still reeling.

Again, the best word to sum up the story is WOW.  Diamond is so brutally raw in the realities of humanity and the base instinct to survive.  I am giving this story a HUGE 5 Boundless Stars.  I cannot wait for the next book!….Sara

Sara Boundless Book Reviews

Reviewer, Boundless Book Reviews

What to say about this book…it is not what I expected. The world-building is immense and somewhat complicated, which is one of the reasons why I love Tigris’s writing, even if I have to highlight a lot and reference back to it because my brain isn’t what it used to be. There are so many characters that each have their own agendas, not including what they portray to others. It is a multi-layered story and we have just scratched the surface! I am definitely anxious to see what else Nadya will be doing as well as some of the other characters. I was surprised by the ending. I don’t know who I’m rooting for at this point. 😉
Thank you for another amazing story, Tigris! You’re brilliant!!

Tina B


I loved this book. I am not rely into dystopian books but this one hooked me. I recommend this book to all my friends and anyone else that likes dystopian books.

It was not what I expected. The intrigue and cunning is something incredible to read. The twists in this book, WOW. This is not the first book I have read from this author and it won’t be the last. Tigris Eden has a fan for life!

Dianne Donovan


Fascinating and very interesting story about a time far after the world as we know it ended, with strange and horror inducing creatures, mutations and deviations, with people adapted to the new surrounding, some of them strong and heroic, others plain selfish or downright cruel. You are not quite sure who you can trust and what they really are and that makes it a compelling rollercoaster ride, sometimes nearly too fast for me (more than once I had to slow down my reading and step back a few sentences to get everything that was happening), with sudden twists and turns and ups and downs that leave you breathless and wanting more. Because hey – why is it already over?! I need the next book in the series, pretty please!



Ms. Eden has broadened her horizons and moved from adult fiction to Dystopian. I am not a huge fan of Dystopian but because I adore her writing I wanted to see if she could change my mind, and I am pleased to say she has indeed. Ms. Eden’s writing voice is heard throughout and she will suck you into the future world that is gritty and ugly, also considered a dog eat dog world.

Bitten by Love Reviews

Reviewer, Bitten by Love

This was my first dystopian story, so not sure how helpful my input is. It was definitely not what I was expecting, but overall it was a good read. It kept me on the edge and guessing a lot of what would come next.



Tuesday Teaser: When had the ground opened up?

Tuesday Teaser: When had the ground opened up?


Sweat ran coldly down the sides of her face and the middle of her back. Her heart raced, and she swore each step took forever. She looked over to see that Diamond and Lindy were doing the same. Before she could warn them, she witnessed the oncoming nightmare in slow motion. Lindy got stuck in the mud. Her heel sunk low, and when she tried to pull free, she lost her footing. Nadya watched as Lindy held her breath and struggled—and failed—to keep herself upright. Her body fell forward, and Nadya reacted, reaching for the clumsy female. What she should have done was let her fall. She’d already delayed them once.

Lindy wasted no time grabbing hold of Nadya’s outstretched hand. A lot of good that did because now they were both falling.

And falling.

When had the ground opened up?



Tuesday Teaser: Nadya, the Poet

Tuesday Teaser: Nadya, the Poet



Nadya turned her attention to Diamond. “Things look ugly now, but inside the ugly, I promise there is always something beautiful that comes of it. Even if it’s not the beauty you’re looking for.”

“You spouting poetry now, Nadya?”

It was the first time he’d said her name without a terse tone. Her name rolled off his tongue like silk sliding down the curve of a woman’s hip.

“No, it’s truth. Death, life, destruction, and chaos all bleed beauty. You just have to wait for it. Look for it. It happens. We may not like the journey that has been given us, or even the way we go about getting to our destination, but there is something prepossessing in dark places.”


Tuesday Teaser: Diamond

Tuesday Teaser: Diamond

Tuesday Teaser

Darkness began to settle fast. She followed closely behind Diamond and Lip as they talked about their next move. Every time Diamond’s hazel eyes fell on her, she felt he was blaming her for the entire ordeal back at the theater. It was Lindy who had alerted the Gearheads to their position and had gotten them attacked. Although, now that Nadya thought about it, maybe they’d known all along and were just waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Her gut told her Lindy was somehow the cause for everything. The way the male Clancy’s eyes had moved to her, seeking clarity meant something. Ragers were organized, their group more alert. She may not remember where she came from or who her real parents were, but she remembered being trained.

“We’re going to stop off at the house, spend the night there. We’ll slip through the back. You can alert the security detail we’ve arrived,” Nadya heard Diamond say to Lip, who wasn’t at all happy they were stopping at the house.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Lip shot back.

“Why not?”

“Because too many variables are in play. Nadya may look stupid, but the girl is far from it. Have you seen the way she catalogues everything? Right down to the very last detail. If I didn’t know any better, I would think she was a Bionic or worse, a Splice.”

She wasn’t either of those things. She did check her surroundings. It was the only way she was assured she had all her options covered. If she didn’t, she’d end up dead or far worse. She wasn’t about to let her life end due to a clumsy mishap. Not if she could help it.

“I also have excellent hearing. It’s a trait developed for those of us with really small ears.”

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Tuesday Teaser: Diamond

Tuesday Teaser: Diamond


The first block they passed was teeming with life. People were out, milling about. Setting up items to sell or trade in the section known as the trading corridor. Darkness floated amongst the fog as they quietly made their way down the block. Buildings were overrun with mangled vines. Roots thick and gnarled with age pushed through the concrete, leaving gaping holes big enough to cause serious injury. This was what Nadya was used to. Not the cleanliness of Diamond’s rooms, or the bright shine that accompanied their splendor. A row of rusted vehicles lined the streets. She’d thought they were empty, but as the pre-dawn light tried to break through the blackened clouds, Nadya could see movement within.

“Stay close, and don’t go near the windows,” Lindy warned. Gearheads. She could tell by the way some of the vehicles were outfitted. Some had barbed wire, others huge metal fronts meant to kill.

Nadya spent a lot of time hiding and running inside the city. She remembered there was an old garage a few feet ahead. Wait. Where had that come from? Nadya tried to focus. Tried to grab the memory and hold onto it, but wasn’t surprised at the swiftness with which it left. Her memories were vague and forever elusive.

The farther north you went, the deadlier the streets became. They passed an old church, eerie sounds of worship coming from the inside. Purists. They were radicals who embraced all things Earth related. Even if it were contaminated, they would partake. It was the reason the majority of them were deformed. Purists would drink Dark Water, claiming it was their transformation. Those with weak immune systems would die or succumb to the Rage.

It was Lindy who fucked up their plan of action. She’d said not to go near the windows, yet her choice of footwear destroyed all hopes of making it out of Gearhead Alley unnoticed. Lindy’s three-inch high-heel boots got caught on a vine in front of a rundown theater. The sound of her body slamming into a rusted car as she tried to break her fall echoed through the vacant streets. Whispers started first, low and ominous. The cars began to rock back and forth. The sound coming from the windows rose until every car within the two-block radius rumbled to a collective roar. Thwarted by shoes.