Year in review.

Year in review.

2016 has been a rollercoaster of a ride for me in all aspects. From relationships, writing, and the daily grind at the day job. I tried to take a step back from the crazy. I wasn’t as vocal, or opinionated as I tend to be. I can’t say if that was a mistake or not, but I feel on a personal level its balanced me out all the same. I commented on a few things I couldn’t keep quiet on, and there were other things I felt I should have voiced loudly. To say 2016 was a cluster is an understatement. Hoping the next year will be better in all aspects.

For the coming year, I want to focus on my balance. My center of gravity, and that gravity for me is my life. I want to wake up and write when I want, go to bed reading what I like, and enjoy all the things life has to offer in between. Big decisions and little ones, I plan on making them all. Happy New Year all! May 2017 be exactly what you hope for

Favorite Boxed Set Cover.

Favorite Read of the Year

Favorite Cover & Favorite Heroine Lead

Favorite Cover & Had a ton of fun writing.

I feel like if I just write WOW!, that will cover the review, yet I know I need to provide more than one word.

Let’s begin with the official stuff, I was provided a copy of Diamond in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley.  the cover drew me in; I mean seriously; this has to be one of the best covers I’ve seen in a long time. Once I read the book, it ultimately NAILED the female protagonist, Nadya.
I have been drawn to post-apocalyptic stories for a while and read so many.  This is a world where every breath is a fight, water is scarce, and food… Well, what do people do when food runs low?  It’s savage, raw, and depicts a nightmare world.  The imagery was brutal yet so realistic; I was thankful for my fresh glass of water.

Nothing in this story went how I thought.  NOTHING.

Diamond, at one point, was probably an honorable man; yet through this hard life and choices he has made, and the power he has, he’s become a tyrant.  What’s the saying? “Ultimate power corrupts ultimately.”  Yes, I think that sums up Diamond.

“I’m going to use everything you got, to get everything I need, and give you the leftovers I don’t want.”

He is a bastard in the biggest way and only cares about himself; yet, when Nadya is introduced into his world, he starts to thaw that frozen heart, in little bits, I mean by 1/16.  Nadya also blows his world apart, and shows Diamond his isn’t in such a position of ultimate power as he thought.  This realization is a brutal blow to this megalomaniac, and this is where things really start to turn; I was given a big WTF and I realized the story wasn’t going to be anything I thought.  Oh no, it’s wasn’t.  Eden warned us in the preface, but oh holy hell!  I’m still reeling.

Again, the best word to sum up the story is WOW.  Diamond is so brutally raw in the realities of humanity and the base instinct to survive.  I am giving this story a HUGE 5 Boundless Stars.  I cannot wait for the next book!….Sara

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Confession time Tigris Eden is probably my all time favorite author. EVER. Now keep in mind I read about 300 books a year from numerous authors. Tigris Eden is probably one of the only authors who delivers on everything I have ever wanted in a book. If you can’t tell already I LOVED Until Her. Now I don’t want you to think I love it only because it’s from Tigris Eden, because while it helps that’s she’s so amazing that’s not the only reason I love this book and this author. Tigris Eden just delivers time and time again. She gives new and exciting stories that have some majorly kick butt characters. She has swooning hot romance that leaves me needing a fan because wowza. Her writing is just beyond amazing and it’s beautiful.

Until Her begins with Anna in the hospital. Now if you don’t know why she’s in the hospital please shield your eyes away from my astoundingly amazing review and go grab Give and Take and A Slow Burn books #0.5 and #1. Until Her picks up almost immediately after Give and Take where Anna has been brutally attacked and had to go through major surgery. We get a lot of lovely scenes from Jackson’s POV which was awesome because Jackson is yummy and his deep love for Anna really comes into every thought and interaction he has with other characters while Anna is unconscious.

Until Her takes us through the beautiful and terrifying journey through Anna and Jacksons’ love story. They’re being hunted by a huge crime family who is tied it seems to the people who Jackson works for. Anna takes time to recover from her injury while Jackson goes to New York to find out how to take down the people who hurt Anna. Mind you a lot more happens along the way like the cover suggests Anna may or may not be getting a tattoo.

Until Her is stunning, exhilarating, and jaw dropping.

Anna truly comes into her own during this story. She really steps up and starts to believe in herself and believe in the love Jackson and her share. She doesn’t put up with the crazy ladies anymore. She truly grows and comes into her own and grows in a very realistic way.

Jackson really grows as a character too. He really shows that he doesn’t need to argue with Anna over everything. He’s willing to do anything to make his daughter and Anna happy as well which is so swoon because who doesn’t love a man willing to take care of daughter and woman no matter what. I also liked that he realized what he was missing in his other relationships.

Until Her has such a diverse cast of characters in both race and characteristics. First I love that Anna and Jackson are in a lovely interracial relationship which is so amazing. A relationship like Anna and Jackson’s is so rare in books I was so excited when first reading their stories.

Until Her is also an actual story. Sometimes with romance stories you don’t get that and just get lots of sexy times. Tigris Eden always delivers on creating a special story that while has romance and sexy times in it; the story is more about the actual story.

Tigris Eden is phenomenal. She provides so much amazingness in one story. I did not put this book down even when I had to go to the bathroom really really badly. So worth it. I had a major book hangover from staying awake for so long while reading.

If you have been reading this review at all you can tell I am seriously recommending this book. Until Her has everything you could ever want in a story. If you haven’t read anything by Tigris Eden you need to and what better place to start than in Beauville.

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