As you already all know, me and M.L. Olson have been hitting on and off about the Curiosity Chronicles, book 1 being Ellys in Faeryland. I can’t wait until we’re able to share this story with you. It’s going to be down right AMAZE-BALLS! Like for serious! Today we’re unveiling the cover, but you want be introduced to the book until next year this time. I know, I know, complete torture. But we promise to make it worth the wait!  So with out further making you wait…. Here it is… The beautiful cover. Feel free to post comments, let us know what you think! And in case you haven’t yet guessed, I’m the Eden in Chelle’s Eden 🙂 And M.L is the Chelle.

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     Ellys Merveille’s childhood wasn’t full of wonder, despite what her name might suggest. She was orphaned as an infant and never quite fit in any of the places she was put. If it weren’t for her best friend and confidante, Madison Cape, she might not have made it.
    After being separated for years, finally finds Madi again, living it up in New York as one of the country’s most sought-after tattoo artists at his own shop, The Mad Tatter. Now, she has a great job, her best friend, and is learning to find herself a little bit more every day. Until a new acquaintance comes into her and Madi’s life and turns her world upside down.

A night out with friends turns into something surreal as and Madi and are sent spinning into a world of fantasy and mystery with individuals who aren’t easily recognized as or foe. Danger and secrets and lies abound as is forced to finally embrace whom she is deep die trying.

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Rose’s Descent Into Maddness

I really love this cover. I can't express enough how amazing it is. Ari did one hell of a job when she designed this cover. The colors pop just right, and of course the fire just adds to it all. I want to say that this story is originally from Red Rose, a book I...

Friday Fearless Female: Guest Author M.L. Olson

When Tigris asked me if I wanted to be a part of her Fearless Female lineup, I immediately said yes, and then freaked because I had no idea who I was going to write about. I mean, I’m a bibliophile AND I read for a living, my days are filled with kickass heroines and women who overcome adversity and their fatal flaws. Plus, I’ve personally battled multiple types of cancer and more, my mom had a hard life, my friends kick their own personal demons to the curb daily. My life is FULL of fearless females. So who in the world was I going to write about? And then it hit me…I would write about someone that only I (and Tigris) have met. At least…yet.

Tidbit Tuesday: Curiosity Chronicles: Meet Madison (Madi) Cape

Today is Double Hit on the Tidbit Tuesday M.L and I would like to introduce you to Madison Cape (Madi) of the Mad Tatter

#TidbitTuesday… Once upon a time…..

Some of you may or may not know that I'm working on a super secret project with M.L Olson, (Chelle Olson). We're excited, and it's been quite the journey. This is for our upcoming Dark Fantasy Series. You may be able to guess what our series will entail. You may not....