Frequently Asked Questions

1. Favorite Animal?

I have multiple favorites, so I’m going to answer this with my top five favorite animals of all time.

  1. Manatee
  2. White Wolf
  3. Black Leopard
  4. Hippo
  5. Peacock

2. Books that inspire you?

  1. Oh, The Places You’ll Go
  2. Where the Sidewalk Ends
  3. The Tell Tale Heart
  4. James and The Giant Peach
  5. Jane Eyre

3. Favorite place to visit or some place you want to go?

  1. Maldives, Rangali Island is my all time favorite place to visit
  2. Paris, France is another place I loved.
  3. Costa Rica is my dream destination for 2017
  4. Zanzibar *want to go
  5. Egypt *want to go

4. Inspiration?

Lots of things inspire me. A song, a poem, a book that I’m ready. Watching people interact with other people in every day life.  The environment or even a picture. Whatever hits me in a powerful way is inspiration.

5. Have you ever cried whilst writing?

I cried when writing Enslaved and Redeemed in Shadows.

6. Do you have a ritual while writing? Any specifics that you need, like music, a pen, a certain drink?

I’m very eclectic in the sense that my ritual is not having a ritual. Sometimes there are specific things that get me through a story, but then it’s only for that story. I used to say my food was grape nuts. It’s not anymore. I’m always drinking either tea or water, and I have a ton of pens in cups on my desk, so yup, check there. 🙂 As for music, I would say that is the constant. But then again, if I’m out and something strikes me, I’ll go ahead and jot it down, and there may be no music present. So yeah, my ritual is, there is no specific ritual.