momWhen Tigris asked me to write a post about Fearless Females, the first woman who came to mind was my mother. Probably cliché, since that’s what everyone tends to say when asked about who their hero or role model is, but it’s 100,000% true in my case.

My mom, Sandy, was a single mother to twin hellraisers. Yeah, I said it. I may have been a goody-goody, but combined with my twin brother, we kept Mom on her toes. And she did it all—kept us clothed, fed, housed, in school, in a comfy bed. We even had cable TV…most of the time. She worked more than any single mom ever should, but always made sure we knew exactly how much we were loved.

That isn’t to say she didn’t have her personal battles. Everyone does. Mom dealt with those the way she does everything else: head on and with fire in her eyes.

If anyone defines “Fearless” for me, it’s my mom. There’s a little bit of her in every heroine I write and I hope every time I look in the mirror. 



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