Fearless.  That’s a pretty big word, in my opinion.  The definition is lacking fear.  After a week of struggling to write this post, starting and stopping, typing a line or paragraph, only to erase it, I’ve realized something.

I don’t know any fearless females.

I do however, have the honor of being surrounded by friends who despite their fear, carry on and conquer.  Authors who write and lift a middle finger to those who judge them for their choice of genre.  Artists who struggle to make their world just a little more beautiful and get criticized for not doing it just so. I have friends who are single mothers, who have ‘traditional families’, and friends who are happily single.

They make no apologies for being who they are, and while sometimes they make scary-to-them choices, try to take over the world.

The strength that these women give me to push through another day is everything to me. I look up to these women, these Fearful but Don’t Give a Shit Females, and am awestruck.  I hope to one day inspire someone else the way they have all inspired me.