Multi-disciplinary Artist

Ta-ku is a multi-disciplinary artist from Perth, Australia. Haven risen to prominence as one of the worlds most in-demand beatmakers, he has found himself curator of a rapidly expanding creative empire. This storytelling gene is key. Once reserved as currency for his music, Ta-ku now applies it to a diverse range of passion projects that encompass creative direction, photography, videography, design, business and fashion. Website:   


It’s Officially 2018 and I started my day listening to this jam. Granted the Album is titled: Songs to Break up to, but I promise there is none of that going on over here. This beat is vibe worthy. Even from the beginning. Can you pick out the sounds? You’ve got some piano going on, the acoustic vibe in the beginning just makes my insides tingle. I love music. So many different ways a person can just express themselves, and if you have that ear for music, man, explosive! There’s some bass. You can’t help but feel it.

My favorite is when there are no vocals and you can just hear and feel the music. Its one of the reasons I enjoy listening to soundtracks so much. I like to sit and listen and try and pick out key sounds and then just focus in on that sound alone. I hope you enjoy this jam as much as I do.  (It’s a throwback) but a good one!  The video alone is amazing.

*This is also in my DIre Cravings Playlist* #Arctic Wolves Series Book 2