Today’s muse comes from Gabriel Yared. It’s from the L’Amant (The Lover) Soundtrack. The song is The Lover. I love this particular piece, and because it has no words, I put it to a poem I wrote years and years ago. So I hope you enjoy this musical piece as well as the poem.

Gabriel Yared (Site)

Gabriel Yared is a French-Lebanese composer. He also did the music in The English Patient (Another of my favorites) En Secret, Autumn in New York, and many more, but these are just the few of the films I love by this composer.

It’s in the dark that we meet.

When all the lights are out.



Wanting to feel the glide of your hand as it slides across my hip.

A delicate touch, the softest, sweetest, kiss.

How is it you’ve come to find me?

I’m lost.

I’m found.

I’m tethered to the ground.

The ground upon which you stand.

My soul.

My Heart.

It’s all in your hands.

But it’s only in the dark, where we meet.

Tigris Eden

Writer, Kats Kreative Ideas

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