Long for you by Mar….

Every time I hear this song I have to close my eyes, and just breathe. Take it all in. The music, the lyrics, everything. I couldn’t find the lyrics online anywhere for this song. Trust me, I obsessed and obsessed over trying to find the lyrics just so I knew in my mind that what I was visualizing, was what I was hearing.

“Would you share your life with me.”

But in all seriousness, this song creates a longing, like deep down inside, and I had this on replay for like twelve hours straight fixated on the words,  his voice. I’m in love with a song. A deep seated infatuation that will forever stain my soul. But in a good way. So of course I went on a hunt for all things Mar, because I figured if Long for you could unhinge me, so could his other stuff. I was not wrong. He’s soulful, and just skilled in all things music.

This was on his video Long for you, which you can find on YouTube. ~Love was the home we built. Music was the cement. ~ <—–SWOON!

I hope you guys will fall in love with Long for you, like I did.