Music Muse Monday: Space Sounds

Music that speaks to the soul Sounds from Space I've been listening to the sounds of the planets. Each one has a sound it emits on different radio frequency. Some sounds are soothing, while others are eerie, but all of it is beautiful....

Music Muse Monday: Flux by Harry Keyworth

Harry Keyworth’s music is all-encompassing. You just have to listen to understand what I’m talking about.

Music Muse Monday: Heartbreak: Sinking by Ta-Ku

Music Muse Monday: Ta-ku’s Heartbreak (Sinking)

Music Muse Monday: Who says: (Whomi Remix) Artist Fink

Music Muse Monday; Who says (Whomi Remix) Fink

Music Muse Monday: Divenire by Ludovico Einaudi

Pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi was born in Turin, November 23, 1955. His mother, also a pianist, would play for him as a young child, planting the seeds for what would become a fruitful, illustrious career. Einaudi studied under Luciano Berio at the...

Music Muse Monday: Kendrick Lamar’s Humble

Music Muse Monday: Kendrick Lamar’s HUMBLE

Music Muse Monday

I'm a Burton fan through and through and one of my favorite movies is Corpse Bride. The soundtrack is killer! Danny Elfman a genius.  Enjoy!

Music Muse Monday: Brika Demons

This is part of Dire Cravings playlist. I have a lot of Brika on there. She’s just soulful and I love the sound of her voice along with the music selections. Hope you enjoy the song!

Music Muse Monday: Flow by Sade

Happy Monday!
Hope everyone is having a fantastic day. For me, I’m probably behind my desk, sitting at my cubicle working on month end closing, or billing of some sort. (Day Job)

Music Muse Monday: Swim in the Light, Kid Cudi

Music Muse Monday: Swim in the Light, Kid Cudi

Music Muse Monday: Run Cried The Crawling by Agnes Obel

I find my self listening to this artist at least once a week now. She’s soothing, and each song tells a story.

Music Muse Monday: People by Kat Frankie

Music Muse Monday: People by Kat Frankie. A smooth sound that floats into your system.

Music Muse Monday: The Curse by Agnes Obel

Lyrics: The Curse by Agnes Obel Have the people went to the high hill? From the start they didn't know exactly why, why Winter came and made it so - oh look alike, look alike. Underneath the grass would grow aiming at the sky. It was swift, it was just another wave of...

Music Muse Monday: Long for you by Mar

  Long for you by Mar…. Every time I hear this song I have to close my eyes, and just breathe. Take it all in. The music, the lyrics, everything. I couldn’t find the lyrics online anywhere for this song. Trust me, I obsessed and obsessed over trying to find the lyrics...

Music Muse Monday: Riverside by Agnes Obel

I stumbled upon this hidden gem while listening to my weekly playlist on Spotify. Then I got brave and said, I'm gonna give her entire album a shot. Sometimes we listen to an artist and only one or two of their songs stick. Everything she's every done (as I listened...

Music Muse Monday: Perfect Darkness by Fink

Perfect Darkness by Fink is one of my all time favorites. Yes, I have a lot of favorites. But this is up there in the top 100 for sure

Music Muse Monday: Flow by Sade

Did you miss my Music Muse Monday's? Well, I did. I decided to start today off with some Sade. She's awesome! And Flow is bad ass! I'm writing Consumed at the moment, along with another novella, you'll hear more about soon. But for now, lets jam to the soulful sounds...

Cover Reveal: The Black Prince

Here is the beautiful cover of The Black Prince, done by Dreams2Media! Isn't it beautiful! I'm so excited about this book in the series. Things are getting stirred up, and as usual things are not always what they seem. Enri is our resident bad guy, controller of the...

Music Muse Monday: Wait for the people by James Chatburn

[Verse 1] I got a case and bottle of wine And I won't leave this house until she's mine I smell like cigarettes, I hope she smokes With all the booze, I hope she likes bad jokes [Chorus 1] My friend said 'wait for people, wait for people To leave Wait for people, wait...

Music Muse Monday: Flawed Beautiful Creatures: Summer Version by Stacy Barthe

Happy Monday and good morning! It's been a few weeks since I've done one of these, but Music Muse Monday is back! I hope everyone has a very productive week. Long weekend coming up for those of us that are off. I plan to spend it with my family and getting in some...

Music Muse Monday: Twenty One Pilots’ Heathens

Loving this jam, and not just because of Suicide Squad, which comes out in like TWO WEEKS! Yaaassssss Honey! Can't wait! I'm so excited, I could gush for days about Suicide Squad, but I'm not gonna go there. I will tell you that this track did make it on to, The Black...

Music Muse Monday: Jungle by Drake

Lyrics [Hook - Gabriel Garzón Montana:] Rock me real slowly Put a bib on me I'm just like a baby, drooling over you The things you do [Verse 1 - Drake:] These days, I'm letting God handle all things above me The things I can't change are the reasons you love me Listen...

Tidbit Tuesday: The Black Prince Snippet

Enri thought for a moment. Or, at least, pretended to. What did he care if he upset everyone’s way of life? They were all instruments to him anyway. Something for him to play with. He didn’t respond to his brother’s rantings because really, was he even expected to?...

Music Muse Monday: Matter & Stone by Kentaur

Once again, no lyric to post but you can hear his words clear as day, and I’m telling you this is a total VIBIN song….

Music Muse Monday: Gnossiennes: Gnossiennes No. 1-Lent

I hope you all enjoy this weeks music muse. It's on my playlist for The Black Prince, cover coming soon! This comes from the French composer Erik Satie. Éric Alfred Leslie Satie, who signed his name Erik Satie after 1884, was a French composer and pianist. Satie was a...

Music Muse Monday: Gabriel Yared’s The Lover

Today's muse comes from Gabriel Yared. It's from the L'Amant (The Lover) Soundtrack. The song is The Lover. I love this particular piece, and because it has no words, I put it to a poem I wrote years and years ago. So I hope you enjoy this musical piece as well as the...

Music Muse Monday: Alt J’s Lovely Day (Remake) Bill Wither’s Cover Bonus Track from the album This is All Yours

I grew up on Bill Withers and of course, who wouldn’t love his song, Lovely Day. I think Alt J did it proper justice with their version. I hope you enjoy their version as well.

Music Muse Monday: Harry Keyworth’s Flux

Today's Music Muse is from Harry Keyworth. I have not been able to find Lyrics for Flux, and I could have listened to the song over and over again. (Which would be no hardship) to try and decipher. But alas, I have writing that needs to get done... But I will provide...

Once again, no lyric to post but you can hear his words clear as day, and I’m telling you this is a total VIBIN song…. It’s made its way onto The Black Prince Soundtrack because, yeah, it just flows that well… I got a lot of writing done to this song today, although I’m saving this particular song for a very special scene in The Black Prince. Promise to make you cry!

Please leave a comment, tell me what you think of this song.


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