Excerpt One

“Lord almighty, Annabelle Macon, is that you girl?” Treat whistled as he walked to her side of the car pulling her out and into his arms for a bear hug. Jackson couldn’t move, he could only stare. Hell, he may have even drooled a bit. Annabelle Macon was not the skinny little girl with pigtails he remembered from way back when anymore. She was a bronzed beauty with mahogany tresses that were streaked with highlights that flowed freely from her ponytail. Golden brown skin and light brown eyes looked past Treat’s shoulder and smiled his way. Her mouth made him think of lazy kisses that lasted well into the night; and her legs? Well, they just kept going and going and going. When Treat released her, she turned back to the car to say something to Joey, and Jackson was treated to the full view of her apple bottom. That ass was meant to fill his hands. Jackson’s pants tightened and he had to adjust himself before he could walk over and greet her properly. She was wearing a white, gauzy dress that hugged every curve of her beautiful body. She was his fantasy come to life, with her hair up, exposing her delicate neck and bare shoulders. The rest of her, encased in her dress, left nothing to his imagination, and Jackson had an excellent imagination. Today is turning out to be a great day, Jackson thought to himself.

Excerpt Two

His words made my body shudder and my breath hitch. I should have waited, let him get me home before I allowed him to kiss me. “Go and fix me a plate, baby, I’m gonna need all the energy I can get, and call Miss Pearl and tell her and the Mayor you won’t be coming home tonight.” Jackson slapped me on my ass and pushed me in the direction of the festival. I didn’t protest. I was in a sexual haze; he’d turned me into a lust-crazed zombie to do his bidding and nothing more. I walked on shaky legs over to the picnic table and grabbed a new plate. I filled it with heaping spoonful’s of potato salad, greens, yams; I took half a cornbread and three chicken breasts, and a quarter rack of ribs, all for Jackson. When I turned, he was sitting at the table with Treat and Joey, he looked up and winked at me before tipping his head in my direction. I was in trouble, big trouble. I was looking forward to burning up the sheets with him, even though I knew he would be the one setting the fire.



In the Fictional town of Beauville, anything is possible.

Annabelle Macon left home to become somebody. When fired from her job in New York, she’s anxious to come home. Home is where the heart is, and her heart has always been set on Jackson Storme. But when opportunity presents Anna with an exciting new job back in New York, she doesn't know what to do.

Sheriff Jackson Storme is happy being deemed a player. He hasn't found the one woman to call his own, and that’s okay with him. When his baby sister pulls up to the Fourth of July picnic and her passenger steps out, Jackson realizes his woman has made herself known. Will Anna and Jackson’s fire only burn for one night, or can he convince her that the best burn is A Slow Burn.

**Multicultural Romance/IR Southern Contemporary +18 Mature Readers Short Read**


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Series: Stories from Beauville Book 0.5 (Prequel)

Pages: 53

ISBN: 9781625174802

Genre: Southern Contemporary & Multicultural

Format: E-Book 

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