Excerpt One

“I want to be on the ground for this one.” The female’s eyes got big. Even Draven and Gabe’s eyebrows shot skyward. “What?” Xee tried placing her hand on his forehead, but he easily dodged her. “You feeling okay?” He was fine. It wasn’t like anyone truly cared either way. He stuck to his shit, they stuck to theirs. “I’m good. I just want…” What the hell did he want? Oh, right, to get closer to Phineas, fuck Jorunn out of his system, and in the end, be one step closer to getting his sister back. Wait, what? Fuck Jorunn? No. Hell, no! That was not part of the plan. Dick says otherwise. His dick was fucking stupid. “I just want to ensure we get the Sahidic and tell Eremiel he can go fuck himself.” Yeah, you sound so convincing. He never bragged he was up for the next Academy Award. It was convincing enough, though. “Well, fuck me and call me Sally. Dietrich is trying to be a model citizen,” Xee laughed. “Is that an invite, girl?” He growled. Xee knew him better than that. She was tied to Gabe, he knew, but he wanted to remind everyone listening that he was still a dick. “Dude, seriously, sooo not my type,” Xee quipped back. “You ain’t got a type, girl.” Xee cracked a grin. “How do you figure that?” Dietrich turned his attention to Gabe, who was standing with his arms crossed, trying his best to look badass. Draven quietly left, taking Faith with him. The wolf was probably going in search of his mate. Now it was his turn to arch a brow. “You’re literally fucking Death,” he deadpanned. s.

Excerpt Two

“Baby?” Draven turned at the sound of Jesminda’s voice. “Yeah, Petal,” his voice had dropped to a deep rumble. She knew what that meant. Ulstair had been taken to a holding cell much the same as Phineas, and save for the guard at the door, the room was empty. He just needed to unwind. He didn’t ask for the responsibility. None of them had. This was more Dravaggio’s thing than it was his. But after the Demon’s abrupt departure, there was no one to take the reins except him or Gabe. So he’d taken responsibility for the team, and now they were falling apart. ‘Where’s the little one?” “He’s with Arcane and Taea, he really likes them.” Jes stepped in between his legs, and Draven pulled her close, gripping her waist and placing his head against her chest. Her fingers sifted through his hair, and he sighed. His cock immediately hardened at the thought of being inside of her. His arms tightened, and Jes bent lower, embracing him fully. They were so in tune with each other; she knew exactly what he needed. “Sit on my dick, Petal, and handle your business.”


Can someone constantly on the receiving end of betrayal learn to trust again?

Dietrich Omari Johnson trusts no one. Sold into slavery by his own people, he learns early what the sharp edge of betrayal feels like. Working for the Shadow Unit is out of forced necessity. Never one to do something for nothing, he plays both sides of the fence. Every move, every decision, is calculated for his own personal gain.

Jorunn McLellan, given into the care of the Unit’s meanest team member, tries to make the best of a frightening situation. The dominating Walker hides behind his shades, and harsh comments, yet still manages to heat up her body.Can she put to rest the emotions Dietrich awakens and move on with her life before he steals her soul and shatters her heart?

Or is the glimpse he allows her to see enough to fight for what she knows is his only chance for happiness?

**PNR, Multicultural, Dark Paranormal Romance**+18

Book Info

Series: Shadow Unit Book 4
Pages: 374
ISBN:  1625177976
Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance Multicultural
Format: E-book & Print