Excerpt One

Gabe heard him, before he saw his visitor. He was in the corner of his office. The shadows seemed to shrink away, revealing a being with grayish-silver metallic skin and eyes blacker than the abyss he came from, Greyson. “You overthink things,” the Seraph said as he stepped out of the shadows into the light. He was an Angel of War, but not just any Seraph, he and his brothers were the Elite’s Warrior Angels. Slaves to the bands wrapped tightly around their neck. Only their mates could free them, and the Nubi were extinct. So much for their happily-ever-after. “You’re dramatic,” Gabe shot back. “I’ve come to issue a warning.” Always with the warnings, as if he hadn’t had enough during his two hundred year sentence. “What warning?” “Don’t interfere in this upcoming battle.” Direct, but still elusive. He knew something was brewing, everyone did. They just didn’t know what. Too many things were happening all at once, the emergence of both the Red Hand Organization, and Eremiel was not a coincidence. Something bad was coming; and it was going to tear everyone’s world upside down.

Excerpt Two

“Obviously, we like each other.” He cleared his throat. She scrunched her brows while chewing on her bottom lip. As if the idea was unappealing to her. He wrestled with his emotions. This should have been easy, not hard. “Fine, we don’t like each other, but we’re definitely attracted to each other.” That didn’t exactly rest well with her either. He could see it in the way her eyes got wide for a second before narrowing. He noticed everything about her, and although her facial expressions blatantly denied the obvious, her eyes said something totally different. There was genuine curiosity. She wanted to explore things with him just as bad as he did. Gabe stepped closer as if to prove, not only to himself, but also to her, that something was brewing between them. She didn’t move but dared him to step closer. So he did. She was such a tiny thing, barely coming to mid-chest. She was perfect for all the things he had in mind.


Sometimes wrongs can be righted and the mistakes of a person's past forgiven.

And sometimes things can go very very wrong...

Gabe,the Harbinger of Death has been Earth-bound for almost two hundred years, his punishment for taking the life of another without cause. He's been trying to atone ever since, by joining the Shadow Unit and befriending the last man he should.

Now, with only two weeks left on his sentence, he prepares to leave the team behind for good-but only after training his replacement. When the enigmatic Kapua(Xee)Hale appears, tempting his desires, Gabe temporarily forgoes business for a night of pleasure by working her out of his system.

But will one night be enough?

Tensions are high at Shadow Unit headquarters. Loyalties are tested and old debts are called in as the team embarks on a dangerous new mission that exposes Gabriel's dark past.

**Dark Paranormal Romance Multicultural**