The Reaping, Paranormal Romance
Excerpt One

Frank’s death would be justified, Nerina rationalized as she sprang on the male. Normally, she’d come up on her prey from behind, give them a clean death. Frank’s would be messy. The chance to scream was never presented because Nerina’s fangs tore savagely into his jugular. Only the slightest gurgling could be heard as she feasted on his hot blood. As she drank, the dark voice came to her again. Excellent, it hissed. Feeding the excited frenzy that was already taking place as she tore at his neck. It was all over before it ever really began. Nerina pulled back, taking the energy inside herself as her veins filled with warm blood. The smell of fresh blood still taunting her senses. Frank wasn’t dead yet, far from drained, his life’s blood spurting out onto the once white snow-covered ground, creating a red, abstract pattern of still life. His heart pumped frantically, and Nerina took a moment to just enjoy his struggled breathing. “In about ten seconds, you’ll be dead. Take comfort in the fact that once the light dies from your eyes, I will chop off your head and burn your body. I told you to turn around. Gave you an out. You chose a different path. A darker path.” Frank’s pupils were large saucers of confusion, and right before the light dimmed from his terrified eyes, Nerina rose over his body, got right in his face, so that they were eye to eye, and whispered, “Lights out.”

Excerpt Two

Rest easy and trust me, the voice whispered. Rest easy? How? She was lying on the cold ground, and her body was giving out on her. No, you sleep. Prove it, Nerina thought. Open your eyes. No. That would hurt way too much. Don’t be silly, girl. Open your eyes, the voice commanded. Nerina slowly opened her eyes. She was inside a room. The walls were covered with some kind of writing. It looked old. Ancient. Had Victor gotten them inside the pyramid? Her body wasn’t exactly pain-free, but she was able to move about and able to prop herself up on her elbows. Candles and incense burned in one corner. In the other corner was a long black table and a bowl, but no chair. Get up, Nerina, the voice inside her head said. This time, it was clearly coming from someone inside the room with her. “Who’s there?”



The Reaping

The Reaping was supposed to be three trials.

Three trials, Victor Canidae had to complete and in doing so-he'd successfully earn Nerina Simpson as his mate.

Three Trials. For him only.

But the Goddess Selene has plans of her own. Plans that are far reaching and affect not only Pack Canidae, but Clan Denali. A concern that has all of the Northern territory pulling out their claws.

The council all agree, Nerina is not the answer, in turn, bringing back insecurities and concerns, Victor thought long buried. But with this new twist in the mix, there's only three things either of them can do.

Face their fears.

Face each other.

And above all, do not fail.

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Book Info

Series: Artic Wolves (Book 1.5)
Pages: 70
Genre: Paranormal Romance w/Erotic Overtones
Format: Free eBook 

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