Sunday’s Reads


Here is just a small list of what I’m currently reading, what I can’t wait to read, and what I’d recommend to read. Happy Sunday!

Currently Reading:

  • Take Off Your Pants by Libbie Hawker.

    Take Off Your Pants!: Outline Your Books for Faster, Better Writing: Revised Edition

    Libbie Hawker

I’m enjoying this book and the tools its suggesting to use as part of my writing process.

  • Raid by Kristen Ashley

Kristen Ashley

This is a re-read for me, and I literally only go to the parts I want to read. I know the story like the back of my hand now, so I just go to the spots I like the most.


About to Start Reading

  • The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie

    The Heroes

    Joe Abercrombie

I’m excited and scared to start this book. It’s a bit intimidating because this is my first book by this author, and I’ve heard nothing but great things. But when starting a new author, I like to dip my toes into a book that is maybe a couple a hundred pages to get a feel. This book is over 500 pages. So yeah… I’m hoping I love it!

Can’t wait to read:

  • Confess: by Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover

  • The Complete Divine Trilogy by H.E Hargrave
The Complete Divine Trilogy

R.E. Hargrave

Recommended Reads:

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