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A Slow Burn


“Sheriff Storme.”

He smiled, and I swear my heart beat a little faster at the sight of his dimples. Joey and Treat were talking quietly amongst themselves leaving Jackson and me alone.

“City life too fast for you? My sister told me you’d moved back from New York.”

“Nah, just home for a while, taking a break. Joey didn’t tell me you were the sheriff. The badge looks good on you.”

Hell anything would look good on him, present company included.

He didn’t respond to my comment, just tipped his head forward again. That was one thing I didn’t really care for about southern boys; they were always so damned polite. However, I’d learned a few things while living in New York, and one of my most valuable lessons, was to live in the moment. Snatch it up and run with it, because who knew when opportunity was going to throw you down on a bed, hell the ground at my feet, and give it to me raw and dirty like I knew Jackson could.

“How long are you going to be in Beauville?”


I wasn’t going to beat around the bush. I know when a man wants me.

“On what Annabelle,” my name was like gravel in his mouth. Like he was having a hard time talking to me, or maybe he was annoyed that I hadn’t given him a flat out answer. But damn his voice was darker, the drawl that all southern men came standard with became slower, affecting that place between my thighs I so badly wanted to introduce him to.

“On you sugar.”

I watched as Jackson’s pupils dilated and his nostrils flared. I could flirt with the best of them and not even bat an eyelash. I knew I wanted him. I wanted him something fierce and had for as long as I could remember.

“You taunting me Annabelle?”

He took a step forward making me look up into his heated gaze. This conversation had taken a different kind of turn. I expected Jackson to be shocked, maybe even a little hesitant. But our harmless flirtation had become something altogether different, something sexy. Dare I call it four play?

Normally I needed to be touched, coaxed into the horizontal mambo, but Jackson Storme could make me come in zero to ten, I was one hundred and fifty percent positive we were eye fucking right out in the open for all to see. The man threw off animal magnetism in large doses. Someone needed to bottle his scent, which had somehow over powered my senses, and sell it at top dollar, he was that intoxicating. It was a combination of virile man and hot summer mornings that slowly heated, until finally by mid-afternoon you were dying of thirst, because it was too hot.

“Jackson Storme,” I smiled sweetly using my own southern drawl and said, “I would never-ever think to do such a thing.” I batted my lashes and turned in the direction of Joey and Treat, thinking I could get away. The plan was to have him eating out of my hand by the end of the day. But he only let me make it five steps before grabbing my arm and turning me around to face him. The skin on skin contact had my breath hitching and my eyes widening in apprehension. Maybe I wasn’t ready for Sheriff Jackson Storme. His face was hard as he peered down at me and frown lines began to form around the corners of his mouth as he pulled me closer to whisper into my ear.

“Ms. Macon do have a care in how you tempt me. I’m not like those little boys in the city. You can’t and won’t control me honey.”

Like I wanted to, I didn’t want to control him, hell I was willing to give up the control if he’d turn down the machismo a notch or two.

“No one said anything about control, Sheriff Jackson,” At least I hadn’t said anything about it. My heart was tripping over itself as we stared each other down. His warm breath fanned my face and I knew I was crazy for blatantly licking my suddenly dry lips when we were so close together. I swear I could taste his skin as my tongue swiped my bottom lip. I was in trouble, but at the last moment self-preservation kicked in and I snatched my arm away walking over to Ms. Mildred’s table for her famous pecan pie. My throat was dry and for no good reason, I was scared. Really scared. Not in a way a woman is scared that a man is out to harm her, but in a way that made me realize, if I wasn’t careful, Jackson Storme was going to break my heart. I’d only been home a day and already I was losing my touch on reality. He didn’t want me as his forever kind of girl. He just wanted me because I was the next available piece on his radar.

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