#Friday #Fearless #Female with author: Shyla Colt

#Friday #Fearless #Female with author: Shyla Colt

When I was asked to do a post for Fearless Female Friday the first character who came to mind was Storm. She was my first introduction to a fierce female character who loved as hard as she fought. Intelligent, brave, and kind, she embodied all the things I wished I could be. Her kick ass white hair, and bodacious body didn’t hurt matters either. Yes, I said bodacious. I had to take you back to the 90’s so you could feel the full effect of my awe. *winks.  The fact that she was one of the first African-American Marvel characters in a time when that wasn’t done added to the lengthy list of things I admire about her.

To me being fearless means being true to yourself regardless of trends, the opinions of others, and your fears. I think Storm embodies that.

Shyla Colt


Friday Fearless Female with Author Siera London

Friday Fearless Female with Author Siera London

Thank you Tigris for hosting me today.


When I was a kid, I loved watching female action heroes. Some of my favorites were Tamara Dobson’s CLEOPATRA JONES, Angie Dickinson’s POLICE WOMAN, and Pam Grier’s FOXY BROWN.

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These women challenged female stereotypes and changed America’s perception of women’s roles and capabilities. As an adult, I’ve come to realize that challenging perceptions and stereotypes is a major feat. These female pioneers of television and film faced unprecedented scrutiny and criticism in the deployment of their talent. It’s one thing to recognize what should be done, but living it out is another.



Literature went through a similar revolution when, TERRY MCMILLAN received national attention for her 1992 release of WAITING TO EXHALE.


She was the first African American writer to pen a bestselling popular fiction novel. The story, about four black women’s experience with love captured the imagination of pop culture.


Waiting to Exhale sold over 3 million copies by 1995, and is credited with ushering in a change in black pop culture by showcasing the lives, loves, and worldview of middle-class African American life.


McMillan’s success snagged the attention of the publishing industry, and bolstered the economic clout of women’s fiction and black authors.


As readers, we reaped the benefits. The number of published works by black authors like Bebe Moore Campbell, Connie Briscoe, Tina McElroy Ansa, and E. Lynn Harris were buoyed by McMillan’s popularity.


A new generation of black authors emerged on the literary scene like Eric Jerome Dicky, Kimberla Lawson Roby, Donna Grant, and the list goes on.  Thank you, Terry McMillan, a fearless literary pioneer.



In closing, we have been placed in our families, communities, and careers to fulfill a purpose. Eventually, every one of us is going to encounter a situation that pushes us up against the status quo, tests our courage. I say, YOU ARE FEARLESS, go out and CHANGE YOUR WORLD.


Siera London is the Bestselling Author of drama-filled, action-packed, and sexy, contemporary romance and romantic suspense.

Her new release CATCHING REBECCA is Book 3 in The Bachelors of Shell Cove series.




Trapped by family obligations, Rebecca Lynn Holbrook, the heir to Holbrook Industries, is not the spoiled rich girl everyone thinks she is. She’s a company asset to be sold and traded. In exchange for the cash infusion the company needs, Rebecca Lynn has seven days to complete a negotiated marriage contract. There’s just one hitch in the plan—her lover—sexy ex-Navy officer Darwin Masters.


Darwin Masters is not the man he used to be. He has no use for the constraints of society nor family expectations. When a tragic accident leads him back to Shell Cove, he finds healing and comfort in Rebecca Lynn’s arms. Focused on starting his security firm and building a new life with the woman he loves, Darwin is blindsided by news of Rebecca Lynn’s impending nuptials. 


But nothing is as it appears. When an impulsive decision lands Rebecca Lynn in Darwin’s arms once again, it sets off a chain reaction of dangerous consequences neither of them anticipated.


 With Rebecca Lynn in danger, and Darwin’s fledgling company in jeopardy, how will they protect their love and outwit the powerful enemy fast approaching?


Order now:

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Siera London is a native Floridian. She lives on the Gulf of Mexico with her golf loving husband, seven backyard iguanas, and a color patch tabby with a proclivity for jamming the printer. 


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