Until Her Blurb

Until Her Blurb

Until Her









There is always a light at the end of every dark tunnel. But who ever analyzes the journey to get there? There are doors leading to different outcomes, Windows slightly ajar, offering other paths, and cracks in the wall alluding to the outer arena called life. Jackson’s been through it all. Highs. Lows. Twists. Turns. But he’ll always remember her. He’ll fight for her. Almost die for her. Walk through hell and back for her. Because until her, there was no him. Betrayal and new faces all come together as Jackson Storme and Annabelle Macon’s story concludes in Until Her, a southern contemporary filled with ups and downs, rights and wrongs, and finally, their happily ever after. (With an extra helping of Lola Danvers.)

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Tidbit Tuesday #Anna & #Jackson #UntilHer #August2016

Tidbit Tuesday #Anna & #Jackson #UntilHer #August2016

Here is another teaser from Until Her, featuring the couple we all love, Anna & Jackson!

“Get her the fuck out of our room, Jackson. Make it quick, and hope to God I’m still in the lobby when you’re finished.” Anna

“She’s pretty understanding of your affairs, Jackson,” Tracey purred.

The bitch was too stupid for words. And what was he? A magnet for crazy bitches?

“Anna,” Jackson barked.

“What!” she snapped back.

“Sit your ass on the bed.”

“Fuck, no! How do I know she didn’t spray it with her venom to mark her territory?”

“Anna, you are not to leave my fucking sight. You make one move toward the elevator, you won’t be sitting on that ass of yours for a week.”

“Says the Neanderthal. This ain’t no erotic romance novel, and you threatening to spank my ass has me thinking a future call to 911 may be in order.”

“Annabelle Macon,” Jackson roared.

That got her attention. She ceased moving and stayed her ground.

“Put some fucking clothes on, Tracey.”

“She’s a real hoot, Jackson. What is it with women who’ve had a ride on your cock, huh? Do you have a dick made of crack? Or is it heroine?” Anna said, irritated.

“She hasn’t seen any part of my dick.”

“Seriously, Jackson, let’s not keep the lie alive. Anna should know how we really feel about each other.”

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Tidbit Tuesday: Until Her Snippet #Anna & #Jackson

Tidbit Tuesday: Until Her Snippet #Anna & #Jackson

Happy Tuesday All! Sharing a scene from my upcoming, Southern Contemporary, Until Her.


This is a scene were Jackson and Anna are just now seeing each other after he’s been away. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s obvious, Anna isn’t dead right… Right! So here they are in all their hotness…

Instagram Post“You gonna stare at me, Annabelle, or come and give me some sugar?”

“Sugar is what you want?” I joke.

“Yeah.” His voice drops an octave, and I swear I can feel it down to that place inside that’s severely neglected. He doesn’t move, and neither do I.

“Come here, Anna.”

“Oh, boy,” Joey whispers. Then adds, “Treat and I are taking Ava to dinner and then out to the movies. We’ll be back in a few hours.”

Just like that, it’s just him and me.

Everything gets quiet. Too quiet. I can feel the blood rushing through my veins, and my chest is doing its best to contain my rampant heartbeat. The intensity in Jackson’s stare has increased the temperature in the room, but it has also removed what little oxygen is left.

I can’t move.

Somehow—I swear it’s almost magical—I’m now standing in front of him. When had he gotten so close? Or had it been me who moved? I stare up into molten gold eyes that caress every inch of my face. Neither of us speaks. It’s not necessary.

I hope we don’t speak for hours.