Reviews of Tigris Eden's Books

Shadow Unit Series:

“This is a favorite series of mine as well as author! They are simply brilliant, in my opinion.”

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Stories from Beauville Series:

“…read it for yourself and you will know why I need, like physically hurting need to read the next book in this series…”

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Diamond: Beyond the Red Door:

“My first book from this author and most certainly not my last. There are a lot of books available that claim to be dystopian with dark undertones but this book just knocked me for six! .”

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Arctic Bound:

“The well orchestrated events of this romance keep readers on the edge of their seats and ensure that the readers want to know everything.”

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Soulful Hearts Novella: Consumed

“Well written, vividly graphic, heart grasping, intoxicating and inviting…It’s dangerously delicious, fun, yet forbidden and the diversity keeps you on your toes! A must read!

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Stories from Beauville Series: Until Her

“Confession time Tigris Eden is probably my all time favorite author. EVER. Now keep in mind I read about 300 books a year from numerous authors. Tigris Eden is probably one of the only authors who delivers on everything I have ever wanted in a book. If you can’t tell already I LOVED Until Her. Now I don’t want you to think I love it only because it’s from Tigris Eden, because while it helps that’s she’s so amazing that’s not the only reason I love this book and this author. Tigris Eden just delivers time and time again. She gives new and exciting stories that have some majorly kick butt characters. She has swooning hot romance that leaves me needing a fan because wowza. Her writing is just beyond amazing and it’s beautiful.”


Reese Reviews: My Addiction to Fiction

Reviewer, Reese Reviews: My Addiction to Fiction