Here is another teaser from Until Her, featuring the couple we all love, Anna & Jackson!

“Get her the fuck out of our room, Jackson. Make it quick, and hope to God I’m still in the lobby when you’re finished.” Anna

“She’s pretty understanding of your affairs, Jackson,” Tracey purred.

The bitch was too stupid for words. And what was he? A magnet for crazy bitches?

“Anna,” Jackson barked.

“What!” she snapped back.

“Sit your ass on the bed.”

“Fuck, no! How do I know she didn’t spray it with her venom to mark her territory?”

“Anna, you are not to leave my fucking sight. You make one move toward the elevator, you won’t be sitting on that ass of yours for a week.”

“Says the Neanderthal. This ain’t no erotic romance novel, and you threatening to spank my ass has me thinking a future call to 911 may be in order.”

“Annabelle Macon,” Jackson roared.

That got her attention. She ceased moving and stayed her ground.

“Put some fucking clothes on, Tracey.”

“She’s a real hoot, Jackson. What is it with women who’ve had a ride on your cock, huh? Do you have a dick made of crack? Or is it heroine?” Anna said, irritated.

“She hasn’t seen any part of my dick.”

“Seriously, Jackson, let’s not keep the lie alive. Anna should know how we really feel about each other.”

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