Enri thought for a moment. Or, at least, pretended to. What did he care if he upset everyone’s way of life? They were all instruments to him anyway. Something for him to play with. He didn’t respond to his brother’s rantings because really, was he even expected to? Half the time, most people just wanted to hear themselves talk. He listened. He acted. It was how he’d gotten as far as he had in the life he was leading now. He’d led several, in fact. More than most immortals. And in the back of his mind, buried deep in the layers of his memory, there was a door he hadn’t walked through. Not for lacking of trying, but because it was locked to him. A place he couldn’t access, a place buried so deep, he knew should he untether its chains and free whatever lay behind the closed door, true terror would reign.

“I’ve grown quite bored of the sound of your voice. Go away now. Leave me to my silence.”

Zagreus looked his way and sneered. “If I could kill you myself, I would.”

Enri lifted his head, and with his good eye, he winked. “Many have tried, all have failed. Good luck, little brother.”


The Black Prince