This is a tiny snippet from Until Her. This is from Anna’s perspective and she’s in a state where she’s aware, but isn’t aware to those around her. (If that makes sense) 🙂

I can feel softness. Warmth. Everything around me is calm. I think I can even hear music, but I’m not sure. There is some sort of wild cry in the background. I want to open my own eyes and see what’s making those noises, but my eyes are heavy. Too heavy. The sound gets louder, closer. I’m not scared. Somehow, I know I’m safe. Something feather-soft tickles my face, then down my arm and over my leg. This happens several times. Each stroke lulls me. Pulls me toward a place I know I need to go, but am too afraid to go back to. What if everything changes? What if they’ve all moved on? What if he’s moved on? Who is he, and why can’t I remember his name? How long have I been here?


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Tigris Eden

Author, Kats Kreative Ideas

Until Her Release Day