Being mentored by a world-renowned Chef is at the top of Onessa Sol’s list. But when an unfortunate storm delays her arrival, and she’s found by two unsettling characters who believe she is theirs. Things go from uncomfortable to disastrous in zero to sixty.

To make matters worse, Chef Cyriaque Ravenueax isn’t at all what she expected. He’s broody, moody, and downright mean. He’s also the hottest thing since well, anything she’s ever been privy to have in her line of site for eye-candy.

A recipe gone wrong and an attack by creatures that shouldn’t exist is more than one girl can handle.

Cyriaque (Cyr) Ravenueax is seriously rethinking his decision to start mentoring again, especially over the anniversary of the deaths of his wife and son. But when his adversary from the other side of the swamp stakes a claim that isn’t his to make, Cyr realizes that he needs to man up and take action. Only the woman’s appearance in his life is more unsettling than anticipated when he catches her scent and realizes the fates have given him a second chance. 

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Some doors are better left unopened.

When a crazy girl and a sword wielding girl walk into a bar, things don’t go quite as planned…

Lives running parallel, Rose Bear and Scarlet “Red” Wood have their own share of problems, but when their paths cross, nothing will ever be the same.

Plagued by visions and voices, Rose knows one thing: she doesn’t want to hurt anyone anymore. So, in a last-ditch effort to hold on to reality, she settles into a psych ward. Unfortunately, those she meets promise her things they don’t exactly deliver, and despite being the girl with the plan, nothing seems to be going her way.

Red can travel the five realms, and it makes her a target. But despite those who wish to control her, she’s driven by one thing: her need for vengeance against WOLF and all they stand for.

Surrounded by betrayal and lies, the pair must navigate the dangers surrounding them to gain what they yearn for most and put their trust in the most unlikely of people. Or die trying.

Following Red and Rose back and forth from their introduction, to the end, was an adventurous read. The characters are phenomenal, their personalities leaping from the page to embed into the mind. The story rolls with the punches of a twisting tale and the reader is unable to free themselves from turning page after page. This was an exciting roller coaster of a ride.

Rachel via Goodreads

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