It’s day 3 of the New Year, and I’m actually writing this on Monday. (I can see into the future) The goal is to have completed most of my goals if not all, by midweek. Freeing up time to do other things, like write, binge watch some Netflix. Drink tea, or just read a book.

Sunday, I finished edits on Dire Cravings and was uber excited. I sent ARC’s out on Monday (Today). I set up my calendar for 2018 (The first week anyway) for January.

I did not drink tea, but I’m hoping by the time this posts, I will have.

I did watch two episodes of Dark. Not really binge-watching, but close enough.  Really, I want to focus more on writing more and making each word count. So lets see how this first week of 2018 works out for me.

Does anyone else plan? If so, what’s your biggest goal you want to accomplish this week?

Happy Hump Day!