It’s not every day that I have a chance to sit down with my characters.

Scratch that.

I actually do everything with them. It’s kind of hard not too. They’re in my head, and are constantly telling and or asking me for things.

I promised the cast of characters from Drink All of Me, a chance to tell their side of the story. These interviews will be displayed starting Tuesday May 26th and ending on May 30th.

With Parker, he began to explain his actions gradually, never really fessing up to anything until the very end.


Parker: From the beginning, I’ve always been on Yura’s side. Even when the shit hit the fan. I was there. Her constant. The one and only time she confessed to me was a time when I wasn’t ready to be tied down to one girl. I had to keep my options open. 

I didn’t realize the severity of the situation until after it happeend. I feel responsible. If I hadn’t taken her to the Choi’s house for tghe graduation party, she’d have never been targeted. 

After everything was said and done, my beautiful Noona rose fromt he ashes no longer a catepillar but a beautiful butterfly ready to take on the world. I’m going to be the one there with her until the very end. She needs me, and I need her. There is no me without her. 

 I support her wholeheartedly in everything she does. Except for one thing. I need her to stay as far away as humanly possible from the Kims. 

Revenge is best served with carefully crafted moments.

Lee Mi-ja is anything but lucky. Bullied all through school, she feels as if everyone is out to punish her. But when a freak accident offers Mi-ja a chance at a new life, she seizes the opportunity to settle old scores.

With the help of her childhood friend, Parker Gray, Mi-ja starts a new life in a new city with only one goal in mind.

The past has a way of surfacing no matter how deep she tries to bury the memories.
It only takes one chance meeting with Eben Kim to unravel Mi-ja’s carefully crafted plans.
One is seeking absolution, while the other seeks retribution, will two people thrown together in a match of wills navigate their way through life and love or will their secrets keep them apart.

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