Miss Munroe wanted more prime time, but in the end, she was willing to settle for a backstage pass. She comes in and offers her advice, but today she wants to tell everyone about her date with Bi.

Eva: First and foremost let me tell you that Bi is a hottie. I never knew how hot a Korean guy could be. His mix of masculinity and femininity (yes feminity) was an intoxicating mix. What can I say, he’s just too pretty for his own damn good but his charismatic ways, and polite manners, also made him dangerously sexy. 

I won’t let too much out of the bag, because I have a feeling you all will get to hear about me and Bi. (Bug the writer enough and she may do it.) 

First and foremost the man knows how to wine and dine. He took me to a nice restaurant, and to a fancy building called 63 Building it overlooks the Han River, and when I say my heart skipped a beat. It did. Then it started pounding, especially when he backed me into a dark corner and kiss my panties clean off. 

Bi has all the moves. That’s all I can say for now. It’s not in the book, I wish it were, but it isn’t. But like I said, the author may choose to give me my own book. 

Let us pray. 

Author: What about Parker? 

Eva? What about the douche. He never gave me the time of day. You snooze, you lose. Simple as that. 

Revenge is best served with carefully crafted moments.

Lee Mi-ja is anything but lucky. Bullied all through school, she feels as if everyone is out to punish her. But when a freak accident offers Mi-ja a chance at a new life, she seizes the opportunity to settle old scores.

With the help of her childhood friend, Parker Gray, Mi-ja starts a new life in a new city with only one goal in mind.

The past has a way of surfacing no matter how deep she tries to bury the memories.
It only takes one chance meeting with Eben Kim to unravel Mi-ja’s carefully crafted plans.
One is seeking absolution, while the other seeks retribution, will two people thrown together in a match of wills navigate their way through life and love or will their secrets keep them apart.

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