I’m reflective this evening. I’m listening to some pretty amazing music right now. I love the sound of the flute. It’s therapeutic, and soothing. I’m finally getting around to putting in part 2 of my playiist for New Beginnings. I had started, but didn’t get a chance to finish. I won’t place the blame on a certain soon-to-be two year old. LOL He couldn’t help it, he needed to hang out with his G-mama.

I’ve added additional songs, and the playlist on spotify has been updated. Again, my music doesn’t always reflect what I’m writing about, but there is a song, in particular, that is now on the playlist that is specific to India’s transformation, and that’s Ta-Ku’s Trust Me. It’s the last song on the list and I really hope you’ll take the time to listen to it. It feels like you’re sitting right there when the music is playing and you can’t’ help but be swept up by its sound. The sound itself brings me to a nostalgic place during a time when I really needed to let go of the old me, and become the new me.

Everyone goes through some sort of transition in their life. Its a part of the journey. We can’t stay the same. Although some people wish they could, in my opinion, I don’t think we can. Even if we try really hard. As I’m typing this out I have it playing in the background. I’m shaking my head, and my eyes are closed. I’ll need to go back and edit this cause I’m not a perfect typist, no matter how fast my fingers fly and how well I know the keyboard.

Back to the flute playing and I’m still wanting to hear that song again on repeat. LOL that’s how powerful it is for me. A sound, a smell, or even something we see can take us back to either our happiest of moments or our darkest. For me, this song represents a little bit of both, and as I write India’s story, I’m able to relate to the journey she goes through. The internal struggle to trust or not to trust.

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