It’s Saturday and I’ve been writing for two hours straight. Well, more like an hour and forty-five minutes. But this blog post counts as writing and I know by the time I’m done with this post, it will be 3 PM and I’ll still be on track to finish up the other items on my list. I wrote 20 pages this week and typed up 7 of the twenty today. Some may think that 7 pages are nothing, but for me, especially now, it’s a lot. Not to mention all the filler pieces I throw in so realistically, if all the words I added in, were written down then I’d have typed up maybe 12 to 16 pages worth of writing.

But that’s how I roll. I’ve recently gone back to handwriting my stories. I find that this works better for me right now due to me working from home full time. Working the day job from morning to evening, and then switching gears to come to the writing desk to type isn’t appealing to me at all right now. I prefer to handwrite things now. It extends my writing time and therefore makes the process longer. But that’s okay. I think India appreciates it too as we navigate through her story. She’s in a confusing period in her life at the moment, and I need to do it justice and give her the time to grow and make smart choices. (Seriously, she’s asking for more time to think things over.) I have no control over that. Well, I do, but I choose to follow the path of the Samurai and allow for things to progress in a natural fashion when it comes to India and her story. I’m practicing self-control when it comes to my writing and my character’s development which happens to be 1 of the 8 virtues of a samurai. (See I did say I was following the way of the samurai.) HAHAHA did you think I was joking? I wasn’t.

I’m also looking to stimulate myself and push myself a bit more too. Something I’ve been too lax on lately. I won’t go into detail here, as I’m still in the planning stages, and I need to test a few things to make sure it’s going to give me the stimuli that I need. Motivation is key now during these weird times. We either have it or we don’t. I’ve been watching a lot of posts on FB and seeing how other authors are coping/surviving. I’m totally digging Siobhan’s cooking live feeds, and every once in a while, I’ll catch an Instagram live of Princess Aleatha. What are you all doing to stay active, healthy, and mentally sane during COVID?

New Beginnings is coming along. Slowly, but it’s happening. I’m officially typed out 15,680 on the word count and still 12 written pages to type up, plus whatever I write in the coming days. I’m happy with the story thus far and I hope you will be too. I have other stories I need to work on, plot and write. The Shadow Unit gang is up next after New Beginnings, but may end up taking a back seat to a New Series that is becoming outspoken in my head of conversations. We shall see who wins out!

Happy Saturday! Stay healthy and hug the people who give you strength, courage, and love! They are your number one fans and are team you! #GOYOU! Thanks again for the support and love!

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