Do you ever have a dream that wakes you up in the middle of the night, and you’re just like WHOA! It happens right? You wake up and think, “damn, I wish that was real.” Then you go write about it, right? LOL That would be me, I have hundreds of dreams like that, where I wake up, write out a scene and what I remember and then I promptly go back to sleep. (Most days). Then there are times where I wake, can’t go back to sleep and I have to write it out, and expand.

My latest dream takes place in the underbelly of society. Or at least, I thought it was that type of dream. Most of the dream, (which in reality lasts less than a few moments right, but feels as if it’s a lot longer) I’m walking around witnessing shady deals, and actual murder. Only there’s no blood. Not a single drop, but the person drops dead in front of me. Even pulls on my pants leg.

At first, I don’t see a face, just the hand reaching out to me, and tugging on my leg, which at first glance are jeans. But then when I bend down to assist said dying person, I’m geared up in Lara Croft boots, I have a gun holster with two kick-ass guns, a knife on my hip, and a dagger on my left inner thigh. Although I’m the only one that knows it, I also have a huge sword strapped to my back. But it’s hidden by my cloak. LOL

So, I reach down and try and help the person, and the person flat out looks up at me and smiles at me, and then I’m sucked into some strange worm-hole like vortex that legit drops me off-world where there is some sort of alien war taking place. No one pays me one iota of attention, but I have my guns out, and I’m run across the expanse of a desert-like planet and shooting at things I’ve seen before. I can’t accurately describe them to you, because I don’t even know what they are. But they’re almost humanoid, but not also not. Some can fly, others run on all fours, and then there are some that are connected at the waist, and look almost spider-like.

But what really does it for me, is when I’m running, diving, sliding, and just doing all kinds of bad-ass shit, that I realize, they’ve pushed me towards an edge of the cliff, and somehow, I know that I can make this jump. So what does dream Tigris do? Jump of course! And I land smack in the middle of another world, that looks exactly like my bedroom, only it’s underwater, and I can see myself sleeping. The water is warm, and there is a blue light above me, and then BAM! I wake up! LOL And that was the dream.

And that’s how The Genesis Project started was from a dream. When writing Gen’s story, I knew I wanted it to be otherworldly while at the same time with a bit of Sci-fi tossed in and some interesting sexy times. The above dream is a story, and I have started to write it, but it will be a long while before it sees the light of day. I’m hoping for a repeat dream or recurring dream. The kind where I get to pick up where I left off. But if you like strange things like this, then you’ll love my reboot of The Genesis Project.

Hoping to have buy links up soon, but in the meantime, here’s an excerpt:

“Stage one complete, cellular regeneration has begun.”

A wide smile spread across Dr. Vaggo Blackmore’s face.

The sound of air being vacuumed from the heated chamber was loud, making a hissing noise as the vent continued sucking the air out. In order for the regeneration process to continue, there could be no particle contamination. The pod needed to be devoid of oxygen and hydrogen to create life from the cloned cells currently housed on top of a small petri dish.

“Stage two complete. Molecular levels are stable. Adding Nuero-Technology.”

Carefully, the Nuero-Technology was added to make the cells stronger, infusing them with the ability to enhance the processing of bodily functions. Allowing the body to perform in a self-healing capacity, and to deduce any problems it encountered as a whole. The electrical highways that connected the brain to its host would also function at a higher level, allowing the subject to process information at an accelerated rate. Vaggo decided that these advances were necessary in order to further the survival of his species. If the body healed faster it would, in turn, produce faster. Or at least that was the hypothesis.

A.I. counted down the seconds until the Nuero gas was dispersed inside the chamber, penetrating each cell’s membrane and infusing the atoms with a dose of the Genesis Gene. This new strain has to work, Vaggo thought to himself. If everything went well, there would be a cure. A cure that some said would never happen.  

Stage three complete, Nuero-Technology infused. Placing embryo in stasis.”

Vaggo watched as A.I.’s mechanical arm carefully moved the tiny cells and gently placed them into the incubator. He was literally balancing himself on the edge of his seat, praying that everything would turn out all right. Their species’ survival depended on it.

“Shall I give the embryo the immune boost, Dr. Blackmore?” A.I. asked in her crystal-clear voice.

“Yes. Let’s increase the immune boost by seventy-five percent and add retinal and muscle enhancements,” Vaggo replied. The embryo needed to survive and endure any potential dangers.

“Dr. Vaggo, if retinal and muscle enhancements are given, the embryo may not be able to regenerate. There is a twenty percent chance that it may terminate during stasis.”

A.I. was practical, always accurate. At times, it made Vaggo want to shut her down for good, but electricity was sparse now, and the council had already rationed his use. He needed to get this done so he could move on to the next stage of the process. The thought ran rampant through his mind as he watched the cells regenerate in the petri dish inside the incubator. The arm stopped moving midway and seemed to stall. Vaggo stood and quietly approached A.I.’s workstation.

“A.I., is something wrong?”

“Awaiting your directive on retinal and muscle enhancements, Dr. Blackmore.”


The arm moved over the incubator, and Vaggo stepped back so he wasn’t near the delicate process. He watched with eyes that felt dry and scratchy. He blinked a couple of times and felt as if he’d just scraped his eyeballs raw with sandpaper. How long had he been at this?

Twelve long years and every attempt had failed. Tonight, though, everything would be perfect. He had calculated every step, every procedure. And what he had been unable to figure out, A.I. had supplied.

“Retinal and muscle enhancements have been injected, Dr. Blackmore. The embryo has now been placed into deep stasis.”

The mechanical arm moved to the station board to input the locking sequence, securing the embryo in its chamber during its incubation period. Over the course of a week, the embryo would be surrounded first by amniotic fluid and then placed in a womb-like environment, awaiting its birth.

Vaggo dragged a tired hand down his face and headed towards his sleeping quarters. As he headed out of the room, he stopped and looked over his shoulder at the incubator one more time. Their entire species was at the mercy of the rapidly generating cells in that small petri dish.

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