Ji spoke to me daily. His thing was that nice guys should always finish first, but last when it came to their pleasantries. He’s all about being the gentlemen, but I suspect underneath is a tiger waiting to be unleashed. 

Ji-ho: I’m a decent guy. I don’t really like to talk a lot about myself, but I’ll tell you about the time I met the woman of my dreams, although at the time we were just kids.  

When I first saw her, all I could think about was how smart she was. She wasn’t rude or anything, and I could tell she was unhappy about something, but she still answered my little brother’s question. Not too many kids are nice when they’re emotional like she was. Her face was tear-stained and her eyes were puffy. 

She was a foreigner but fluent in my language. I’ll admit I became obsessed with her and maybe even did a little stalking. There are times when I wonder where she is now, and who she’s with. She was my first love. 

Author: Sounds like you were pretty taken with her. 

Ji-ho: I was, and if I ever get the chance to meet her again, I’m going to tell her exactly how I feel. 

Revenge is best served with carefully crafted moments.

Lee Mi-ja is anything but lucky. Bullied all through school, she feels as if everyone is out to punish her. But when a freak accident offers Mi-ja a chance at a new life, she seizes the opportunity to settle old scores.

With the help of her childhood friend, Parker Gray, Mi-ja starts a new life in a new city with only one goal in mind.

The past has a way of surfacing no matter how deep she tries to bury the memories.
It only takes one chance meeting with Eben Kim to unravel Mi-ja’s carefully crafted plans.
One is seeking absolution, while the other seeks retribution, will two people thrown together in a match of wills navigate their way through life and love or will their secrets keep them apart.

Your first love

Ji-ho expresses a yearning of telling his first love how he felt. Who was your first love? 


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