Hey all! It’s Saturday and I’m at it again. Working on New Beginnings (well, I haven’t started just yet.) It’s next up on my things to do today. But it’s happening. And I’m stoked! I just finished a heated scene between the female lead and the second male lead. I call him the second male lead, because our girl India is going to have some choices. She is after all, starting over. When I write heated scenes where two characters interact in an intimate way, its a build up for me. I will procrastinate, and prolong it for as long as I can. Why? Because it’s like I’m there witnessing it all, and some of those heated moments can get pretty serious. This particular heated scene involves a night club, a meeting of friends, and an unsavory character, followed by the second male lead making an appearance and going all cave-man like. It gave me chills, and India and I had to sit down and talk this through. We still are. Because as of right now, it’s just written on paper, and I know that once my fingers start typing the scene could potentially change drastically.

That’s just how I roll. I’m trying to keep up with this blogging thing, something I used to do a lot of. It’s time-consuming for me because I want to make sure I get it all right, but it’s also fulfilling. I”m in a great mood today. I’m listening to Al Green, reminiscing about things my father used to say when I’d get in my writing moods. He’d say, “Tina, I get 10% off the top. That’s the special discounted rate of me being your dad.” Most days, I’d just smile at him and roll my eyes. Other days, we’d go back and forth about why he feels he should get 10% and he’d tell me, “because I’m dad. I made you.”

Fair enough. (MISS YOU DAD) ♥

But back to the heated scenes. New Beginnings is taking me a while to write, and I know it has a lot to do with COVID and my utter lack of ( I don’t even know what the right word to use is here) but its a lack of something, that’s for sure. I’m using heavy cream in my tea this morning, and I don’t see how telling ya’ll that is relevant, but my fingers do, so I just did. (Did that even make a lick of sense?) HAHAHHA Seriously, off-topic.

But anyway, heated scenes and all that. I get really antsy and jumpy, and it really depends on the type of heated scene too. Intimate kisses are fine, but when I go in a bit more, and there is some heavy petting and such, I have to work up to that. I haven’t figured out entirely why, but I know a huge part of it has to do with me feeling like I’m actually there as a peeping tom witnessing it first hand. It’s a process.

I figured as I bonus since this is such a long post, the least I could do is share the cover with you… I’ll do a more formal share later next week as well. I don’t have buy links yet, and not sure when I will because as I stated earlier, this story is taken a while to write. I hope you will support India’s story and her New Beginning! Love to you all, and remember to hug someone you love and tell them how much you appreciate them.

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