Eben never makes anything easy for me. Out of all the characters he was hardest to write because his intentions weren’t always clear to me. It wasn’t until a deciding moment in the story that his feelings became clear. But even after he revealed his feelings to me, it was a bit muddy on whether or not he was sincere. 

 Eben: There is a reason for everything. And contrary to what many think, (yourself included) I don’t’ do things in half measures. I think things true, and although there were things I withhold during the progression of the story, I feel that once everything was revealed it made sense. 

I think things are settled nicely and as for my love rival, well all I can say to him is, “bring your A  game.” 

Author: You seem pretty confident about how things are going to turn out. 

Eben: Of course, I’m the male lead, why wouldn’t things turn out the way I expect? 


Drink All of Me

Is Eben the male lead?

Find out if Kim Eben is correct. Is he the male lead of the story? Or could it be his arrogance knows no bounds? 

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