As promised! Today is the big reveal for the revamped, re-edited, The Genesis Project. I’m really excited about this one. It’s close to my heart. Not that the other books but this one, man, I loved the world that was created and all the possibilities that come along with the New Earth Universe. I hope you will support Genesis on her journey of self-discovery and strength. Don’t miss this fast-paced, sensual tale of sci-fi intrigue! Pre-order coming soon!

The Genesis Project

She’s a beautiful outcast with a secret not even she knows…

Biologically engineered in a lab, Genesis Blackmore is different. To her scientist father, she’s his prize accomplishment. To the Federated Council, she’s a mutation. To the young men at the academy–she’s a tantalizing toy. Does she dare risk closeness with anyone?

With the Uni-Wars over, and the humans vanquished, the Pars control New Earth. But they need blood. Pars get nourishment from blood plasma. They find their mates through the tasting. And they will do anything to maintain their supply. Even attempt to recreate humans through farming.

Genesis Blackmore is different. All other Pars have milky white skin, platinum hair and electric blue eyes. Her hair is black, her eyes ice blue ringed with gold, her skin golden. In a sea of white, she is the blackbird, the outcast. Her scientist father reassures her it’s only her enhancements that make her different. But he also warns her not to be tempted by the tasting

But should Gen trust him, or Xander Treegold, handsome and beguiling son of the Chancellor? Xander is enough to make Gen forget her promises… especially when he offers her not only his love but the secrets of her true origins.

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