Playlists are quite the thing for me. I listen to music when I shower/bathe when I cook when I clean, and when I write. Music is apart of my everyday life. I even have music going during work as long as there are no meetings. And of course, after the meeting is over, it’s back to the music. Music evokes a powerful emotion from me and allows me to be in the moment. Where ever my headspace is at if there is music playing I can be calm and centered. There are times when I get depressed and I’ll go for the deeply soothing sounds of a piano that can do one of two things, bring me out of the dark, or plunge me into the darkness. I have to tread carefully on those days. And when I’m not sure of my mood and how far it’s progressed, I’ll opt for soundscapes or complete and utter silence.

While I’m writing New Beginnings I’ve found that there are a lot of different things happening to the main character, India in the story. Not every single song on my playlist exudes her emotions. Some of the emotions are mine, and simply help me push forward in the story. Right now there are 46 songs on my New Beginnings playlist and I’ve broken them out into three separate lists so that I can share with you this week. the first 14 songs on the list are quite the mix. There is some Neo-soul mixed in with some K pop. Fair warning now, songs 2-6 are all K pop, but they are so beautiful. There is NCT-125, Kai from EXO, and Elaine. If you’ve not experienced K pop, I urge you to give it a try.

I hope you will enjoy my New Beginnings Playlist part 1

New Beginnings Playlist

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