The last two days… (Monday and Tuesday) I’ve been way too lax. It happened again, somehow, I fell into this time warp of darkness. it sounds odd, and even a bit dramatic, but it’s true. I wake up with the best intentions and then as the day goes on, something happens. Whether it be small or big, and then all my best intentions get deflated and I end up retreating into my room only to emerge when I need to feed the family. And sometimes I don’t even do that, I’ll just order something online and call it a day.

It’s quite shocking for me. I think that this happens to be one of my darkest times yet. Whether its the lack of social contact on a person to person level, or the fact that I can’t go where I want to go because there could be someone out there not taking this pandemic seriously and therefore putting my life at danger so I stay inside. I haven’t run out of ideas, but my creativity is strained. Words were written today, and I find that me and my female lead were hesitant to get to the point in the story where the one of the male leads reintroduces himself in such a way that she knows he’s not just a one time encounter. (Interesting right?) Only, I haven’t gotten to the second encounter yet, which leads me to believe the build up to this meeting could in fact be filler material. What worded web I weave.

But I will continue on, and keep pulling out the words, and once I get through the revision process, I’ll go back and trim some of the fat off. The unnecessary pieces that don’t belong. As I type this, I just realized, I have chocolate kisses in my office. Why is this important? Well duh, it’s chocolate. I love chocolate. (Yummy) Just popped one in my mouth and enjoyed the feeling of yum. I’m excited about New Beginnings and hope that India’s story delivers a powerful punch to the emotions and your soul. That’s what I’m hoping for. But enough about New Beginnings lets talk Drama’s.

I’ve watched the following Drama’s over the last few weeks. Backstreet Rookie, A Devilish Joy, The Rose and The Tiger, and re-watched the Goblin. There are tons in between that I’m in between episodes on, but those are the ones that I watched all the way through. Right now, I’m watching a Chinese Drama called, Cinderella Chef, it has 52 episodes and it’s a period drama. I find I’m into period dramas at the moment. As I work on this post, I’m actually listening to the Goblin in the background, episode 4 when she tells him she sees his sword. Such an iconic moment for me. I will admit what I liked most about the Goblin is the relationship between the Goblin and the Grim Reaper. Their story as a whole was well written. I’m learning to read and write Hangul so that I can actually read the book and I’m excited about it, because I can only imagine how good the books are.

If you’ve never watched The Goblin or any K-drama I suggest you give it a go. You won’t be sorry! You can watch the Goblin on Viki.com Well that’s all for now folks! Have a great Wednesday night!

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